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Version 0.69, Dude (Weekly & Alpha)

At long last, after many hard months, we have arrived at version 0.69. To commemorate this occasion, naturally, we had to implement a new, thematically-appropriate NSFW scene.

But beyond the number of the build, this week marks another major occasion! After a few weeks of teasing and insinuation, we're finally pleased to OFFICIALLY welcome our new artist to the project long-term!

Her name is Numinox, or Numi for short, and she will be helping us with our art assets for the foreseeable future, so I hope you'll welcome her aboard and look forward to seeing what she contributes to the game! She's very talented and brings a cool style of art that Audrey and I think will fit in really nicely.

To become a patron or try our public build visit:

- Nym

Version 0.69 - 2-1-2019 (Nice Edition)
  • Added new NSFW scene (F/F, 69)
  • Added New Light Restaurant interior
  • Second Floor Added
  • Cellar Added
  • Added New Light patrons and occupants
  • Added new optional encounter (if certain choices were made)
  • Added several new location-specific rare fish to the game
  • New fish on the expanded docks
  • New fish in Witchdale
  • New fish in Esterholt
  • New fish in Carvannah Aqueducts
  • New fish in Mar'Liore
  • Fixed a handful of text errors
  • Fixed a bug where some “unwinnable” encounters were winnable and caused soft-locks
  • Increased “Trance” deterioration rate
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