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New Release: Version 0.101!

Hi folks, version 0.101 is available!

As those of you who have been around long enough know, when it's an art week... it's pretty much only an art week, because it takes me so long to draw scenes when I do them myself.

But I squeezed in the beginnings of the "stall for backup" path in the cove, as well as going back and touching up some of the dialogue in the preceding scenes for both quality and continuity.

There will also be a second version of the illustration with, uh, "finishing touches" soon, and the uncensored HD version is in the Discord for patrons. All in all, it's another week in the books, and the grind continues next week. Thanks for the support, and we'll see you soon.

New to the game? Become a patron or play the public build at

Version 0.101 - 9-27-2019
  • Added new scene art! (Moon & Elijah--also added to the library)
  • Revised some dialogue in the war planning cutscene for continuity
  • Added the “stall for backup” route (WIP)
  • Adjusted some enemy skills for balance
  • Fixed an issue where Gongo could appear in the cove even if not recruited
  • Fixed an issue where Gorstag could remain in the cove even if he died in the siege
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