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Default Stranger Of Sword City

I made some character portraits for Stranger Of Sword City. Decided to share them in case anyone had interest. They were generated in Honey Select character creation so the cards for HS are included as well. The game can be purchased on steam.

Copy a character's PNG files and place them in the desired numbered folder located in Stranger Of sword City/PICTUREGATE/
While in game go to tab two of the options screen and "upload" the related folder number.


Sample Screens
Click image for larger version

Name:	StrangerOfSwordCity 2017-02-23 07-20-36-08.png
Views:	98
Size:	1.93 MB
ID:	181396 Click image for larger version

Name:	StrangerOfSwordCity 2017-02-23 07-21-17-04.png
Views:	87
Size:	1.68 MB
ID:	181397 Click image for larger version

Name:	StrangerOfSwordCity 2017-02-23 07-24-16-02.png
Views:	121
Size:	2.27 MB
ID:	181398

Gameplay Advice:
Spoiler: show

Read the "help" section in game it has information on how a lot of things work.

What is it?
SOSC is a first person dungeon crawler similar to Wizardry and strongly influenced by DND. While this game is easier than most Wizardry type games I've played it's still very much a challenge. It has some interesting features that give it better quality of life type stuff compared to the rest of the genre. It has basic story and character setup and excellent music. Fast battles to help with the normal repetition these games have. The class system is excellent and you can really build characters to your playstyle which I enjoy.

General Advice
Create a full roster as soon as possible. Characters not in party generate money and exp as time passes.
Save often. Every chance you get.
Do not sell or throw away unique items there is only ONE in the whole game.
Don't worry about divinity skill tree too much just take a look at what skills you like most or pick your favorite faction leader to support.
There are multiple endings and a new game plus.
SLOW DOWN. Really, take your time. These kind of games are punishing and sometimes only give you hints a single time. So read what people say to you.
Plan out your dungeon trips.
Think about your party makeup and bring essential tools and weapons. You don't really need to plan for every type of encounter but you should always have a baseline of defense and escape to survive. Have a variety of Talents between party members that can help with traps and such.
It's okay to mash the attack command through weak enemies but only do it AFTER you confirm their levels. It's very easy to get something twice your level and end up dead despite it being the same enemies you have been fighting for over an hour.
Try to learn what enemies are weak to and what type of skill they have. When you face stronger or tricky foes you may need to debuff or buff yourself to take them down properly.
Map out a dungeon and discover the points of interest. It's always best to decide before hand a goal like exploration, farming, or boss hunting.
A simple way of making money, exp, gear, is to jump from ambush location to ambush location while hitting the marked encounters along the way. Then escape the dungeon and repeat.

A good rule of thumb for stat priority would be one main stat (STR, INT, PIE) and a defensive stat (VIT, AGI) then a supportive stat like LUC. Of course you can build anyway you prefer that's the best part about these games. Just keep in mind that AGI will help you not miss in this game (I believe).

Party Makeup
Front row should always have tank/evasive characters with high HP. They will take the brunt of most attacks and their turns should be played the most carefully in case you need to buff/heal to survive. Your back row should have ranged attackers, always try to give them weapons or spells that are medium to long ranged otherwise you will waste their turn quite often. Sometimes it's nice to have them equip the weaker status ailment type weapons.
Healers in this game are very effective and mages are great to nuke down large groups or a powerful enemy quickly. Knights have a great cover skill for the party and dancers have an excellent multi hit skill that works great while duel wielding.

Class Change:
There are only five class changes per character so it's best to pick the desired job last.
You gain an extra skill slot to carry over skills at level13.
Character level is halved after class change.
Bonus Stats can't be earned again until the previous level is reached. (the level which you class changed at)
Don't class change your entire party at once. You can re-level a changed class with your stronger group more efficiently.
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