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Default [Game: Unity] PFF: Avarice

Hullo Neko Sentai! Team member of Team Dead Deer here bring you the tech demo we've recently assembled!

Avarice is set in the world of the webcomic Price For Freedom by ArbuzBudesh. Set in the same region Avarice will share locations but primarily will be set in the neighbouring Kaldea several decades in the past. But this will be a great place to learn quite a bit more on the lore of comic! A top down RPG inspired by classic games such as Baldurs Gate, we will have quite a lot in the way of writing, quests, choices, and a deep overacting narrative which will kick off in the second chapter.

The game will feature three planned companions that you will be able to build relationships with and instead of fading to black like in DA/ME/BD and others we will get... Lewd. Current planned companions are;

  1. Samara: An energetic, plucky island Elf with a past marked with scraping by and eking out a living with hear spear. She's in a tight spot and could use an accomplice, and a friend.
  2. Hiho: A travelling Naga priestess devoted to the Lizard Folk religion of Halmech. Timid, a tad shy hides an exceptionally brilliant and indomitable will. She lacks the initiative and decisiveness which you can bring for her.
  3. Osh'To: A massive scarred Ogre woman with a calm and relaxed demeanor. She is light hearted, kind in nature. Once an experienced and hardened mercenary, she looks to you for adventure and distraction from her past.

If multiple romantic dalliances with these ladies doesn't seem enough fear not! A myriad of dalliances and trysts, one night stands, with Humans, Elves, Ogrish, Lizard Folk, and possibly depending on interest BeastFolk in the future! Some of these will be quest bound or simply based on a long standing built relationship with the character. Others can be bought with the simple flip of the coin.

Current Public Release: PD1.
If you consider this project promising, consider supporting us on our Patreon.
If you would like to join the discussion and give feedback feel free to drop by ourDiscord!

Thank you for taking the time to read out announcement! Or thank you for ignoring all my babbling and going straight for the link, either way we here ad TDD wish you a happy new year!

This demo was rushed out in a matter of weeks sort of as a test to see just if we could manage to do that! And it worked out, for the most part! Combat as it stands is not finished and is simply a mock up of what will be a much more deeper (and functional!) system. Typo's have been hunted down and stamped out and I am currently on the second draft of dialogue for the world dialogues which includes a rewrite to Samara's personality.

I am really excited to bring this to you guys, I have been a pretty avid lurker and am thrilled to actually provide something for you guys! If you guys like what you see please consider coming to our discord to chat or even helping us on Patreon! Its greatly appreciated and every bit counts as we are a small team with one hell of an artist and programmer on board! Hah, sorry I get a little gushy when it comes to throwing praise to Deck and Arbuz.

Anywho! I hope you guys have an amazing new years and I look forward to hearing from you guys in the future! We are considering more and better Patreon rewards but its been so busy getting the second character! I wish I could give you guy's a "Sneeek" peek at who won the vote, but you guys will have to just wait and "Sssee!"

(No she won't talk that way xD)

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