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Default Fan Art Information!

Have any comments, suggestions, on how fanart is handled, ask here!

Few notes of why or why not some pics may not be there.

1. Your post of pics didn't have 1 FFXI pic (atleast 1)!
2. The pics in your post are from photo bucket and they removed it probably.

Few extra things.

Considering many fanarts are not of ffxi, or something I'm not able to identify probably. To simplify the process I will post them up with just the artist tag.


The ffxi ones I will try to tag as much as possible. So if someone seeds one of your ics and likes it, they can click your "artist tag" and see all your pics easily without effort looking around.

Don't want certain pics.. or any of your pics in the gallery?
How to get your fan art removed.
This may be a hassle but it is some steps to make sure its you! (or abused etc)

1. Please be signed in as the name you are on forum
a. Tag the image(s) in the gallery as "Delete" (left side menu option)

2. E-mail from that name to gulkeeva atsign neko-sentai.com
a. e-mail using the e-mail on your "website page" if you have one (please provide a link to your website when flagging an image for deletion! if using this option!
b. If your using deviant art, please message "Gulkeeva" on deviant art from the name of the gallery owner of where "your pic" came from.
Please include a comment you are using deviant art to inform me as i check messages once a year+ otherwise.


If you feel an image is a "ripoff" or stolen etc from someone else please, provide a link to the site the image originally came from and the matter will be looked into.
"Recolor" images are fine, if you don't know the original artist name don't put one.


Something like that!

Also, "Stick figures" is not considered fanart (even if it may be to you!)

Please make sure your images when tagged are tagged property. If you post a picture of a giraffe and label it elvaanf naked... you will either get a temp or perm ban depending on severity! of abuse(s)!

Extra notes

If you have a website/deviant art add it as "source", its ok to advertise your site through your images/"sources"

but not a "image" of text thats like GO TO MY SITE BUY NOW" :p
You can basically have your own gallery and link to it from wherever... anyone can browse "your pics" through the tag system


Note as long as you have "one" FFXI image, you can have any other image you want , "screen shots" are not drawings.
Pics can be about anything... ffxi, wow, armored core, fable, fallout 4, mortal combat, digimon, super mario brothers, furry, yaoi, lesbien, orgy, a toaster... you get the idea.

only exception to this rule is you cannot post guro (gore) dismemberment, extreme scat 'realistic loli", hate/racial propaganda in an extreme manner and such.
"peeing" bukake (facial cum) cuts (no internal organs leaking out etc) orgies are fine.

Say for example someone got one of your pics, posted it and labeled it...

you can flag the image for deletion (or rename artist) or anyone else.

If its obvious enough, I will change it, if its not that obvious, you would need to provide...
1. A link to the image on aaaninja's deviant art page
2. A link to aaaninja's "website"
3. If the image cannot be located , aaaninja can e-mail me from their e-mail findable on deviant art, or their website (which would be included in the delete request) for its removal.

If the flagged image's "original artist" cannot be contacted, no comment from the original artist or any form of evidence from the person that flagged it. the "notaaaninja" artist tag will be removed and the image will.. basically just be "there".

If sufficient verification of some sort is provided, the uploader that tagged the artist will possibly..
1. Be banned.
2. Temp banned
3. nothing if its "accidental" artist tagging (I know i've done a few with Japanese artist pics)

repeated offense would lead to temp/perm bans however.

Overall I think the above is fair...we won't want people stealing art, and also don't want people abusing the delete image request because of some form of "hate" or other thing going on also.

Feel free to suggest other things if you want, as they say change is always a good thing ( as long as its toward a good thing!)

Also note, making up a new neko-sentai/deviant art etc that has no pics (and like newly created) will be subject to the "no artist" rule, as you can't really tell if someone just "madeup" something just to have someones stuff deleted for some vendetta.

I've seen it several times happen before with other things so...! Make sure its a credible source you report!

if any future... "rules" or things you think may be necessary for "fanarts" please post them below!

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