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Default Omega to become for the EU what Balmung is to the US?

I'll be honest and say I'm not entirely sure about posting this as a new topic, since it's quite close to "The Great Divide 2.0: Balmung and RP" (I'd link, but 10 post limit :V) but I feel like this could stand on its own legs due to being more about the future for Omega, not Balmung, and this is something that has me rather interested, as someone who's slowly beginning to warm up to the idea of FF14 RP'ing, and with Balmung being what it is in terms of accessability and location.

Apparently there's a growing concensus on places like reddit to turn the new server (Omega) that's opening on the EU datacenter into a unofficial english speaking RP server for EU, much like how Balmung is for the US, and since well, lets face it, the ping can be plain murderous depending on where you're connecting from, and ofcourse, there's the character restriction in general.

Speaking personally, since the EU side doesnt really have a major english server for RP, I'm kinda curious (and hopeful) to see where this is gonna end up, since there is allways examples like Gilgamesh (but this time it's not a already established server), and there's in all likelyhood a MASSIVE ammount of people, all with various goals, planning to move. But EU's also sorely lacking a good "go to" server when it comes to english speaking RP (I've been told Shiva has a good community, but it's german speaking)

Curious to see what everyone else thinks. Could this actually work?
Since there is a slot to fill, but it's been tried before and failed (Gilgamesh and Balmung)

And personally I think it'd be cool if we could organise something in that regard for us EU people here who could never manage to get in to Balmung, atleast assuming we wanna give a go at RP , since my impression is we seem rather spread out

Here's some (modified) links for what I mean:

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Its possible, because A LOT are choosing to migrate hoping it fixes the MSQ problem in Stormsblood atm.
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It could result in another RP haven server or it could result in us RPers getting further divided among the servers, we'd have to wait and see... but there is no downside to informing everyone you can that they should direct their migrations towards Omega.

Notice: Omega has been restricted from characters being made there anymore, ha... they opened Louisoix to catch the overflow I guess? No matter, no matter; with any luck it should clear up as things hopefully stabilize

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