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Actually...there is a shorter way. The only lists I have done anything with are the Mithra ones...but it still works with a Hume_F I just tried.

Right click the .csv file, and open with notepad.

Re-save the file as a .lst.


Copy the data and paste it into the .lst file.

Opening it in notepad seems to automatically have commas in it. However in excel, the commas do not appear.

As for the '/' and '-' discrepancies...just use ctrl+h or edit > replace and replace all the '/' with '-'.

All my mithra lists work perfectly...except the Mithra_WS.lst file. I have put in the weaponskills that usually appear after the relic ws (Ascetic's Fury after Final Heaven, for instance), the animation does not play. It is just a mithra character model frozen in the beginning of the animation.

The samething also happens with ranged weaponskills that use the normal ranged attack animation. Oddly enough, that particular bit has been a part of model viewer since its first release...
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Yeah, if all you want to do is update the lists then your way is faster Knyte. I changed the title of my guide to reflect that it's specifically for alphabetizing. I prefer my lists ordered in a way that I can find the dat quickly. The lists are ordered in the general pattern they appear in the rom folders, so older armor is at the top and newer is at the bottom. There are a few pieces that have perpetually taken me extra time to sift through to find that tend to be toward the middle, most notably the big gear items released in the aht urghan era and early wings of the goddess attire sets. By ordering the lists according to the the item name instead of the rom location I find the program much easier to work with.
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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
i'm going to try and update model viewer and altanaviewer for the update if anyone has file locations it would be most appreciated
do you still check this if so what is the most updated MV i am trying to get someone to update every thing on it for me but if there is a more updated one and you can tell me how to make it point to a (86) 64bit os that would be great.
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I was looking at the lists the other day, some gear I wanted to mod was missing. I can find the newer models quite easily (just takes awhile) but I have no idea what their names should be.
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