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Originally Posted by OliveOiled View Post
Found the hentai thread and kept checking for updates.
Then the nude mod thread got some activity from naughtyWVR and I decided to check it out. Made an account when I got the mod.
Me too!
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FFXI DATs and images. I have been here a while :P.
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Speaking of images, I need to try to update those this coming christmas vacation time... the past 2 months have been basically nonstop work O_o

I've been keeping up with images, just not the time to sit and post them (it takes a long time)
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i actually dont remember where it all started but i was on tumblr and found ragns :P

so i asked him about stuff sinc ei saw hes pictures on tumblr after that i backwards search hes pics wich led to here and than i learned how to do it aswell with Cheat engine and then i decided to stick around

i made some friends here and people are nice
i also found out about the nude dat thread and the naughty weaver mod i was suprised that someone was able to even edit the meshes etc:o

if i didnt find this community i would have had a boring experience :P playing the game

i also was cheking the XI/XIV HENTAI thread etc for updates

since then i have been trying out the body textures of Sense :P
and slightly editing them to my taste

i have a lot of fun doing it tho even have nips on my male miqo'te :p

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Default how did i end up here?

i started playing final fantasy 11 in 08. in high school all i thought was 11 and what i need to do and and best equip and i did hours of research on ff11 wiki for any edge to the game. hell i would wake up at 5 am every morning to do 1 hour of farming gil doing the old quadve helms quest for 900 gil a pop. eventually on one of my resarch trips on the internet lead me to dat swapping forums and then all the dat community had to offer. ive been coming to this site since 2011 for the ff11 dats and didnt even relize there was more to this site til a few months ago. and i got to say i love this community.
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I remember stumbling on Neko Sentai years ago during my time in XI. Though I forgot the precise year.

Came across the site again, looking for XIV Doujins and saw that it still has a robust community. So, finally decided to join in on the fun
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came across it looking for nudes ff14 stuff
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