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Default Tarutaru gender differentiating

Ive been looking through dats for quite awhile recently (used to several years back) and have noticed some of the really well done meshing and such that is recent... great work peoples.

But, onto my question/thought/etc.. Read on one thread that people didnt do much model modding on tarutaru cause both genders share the same body dat. So, the question is, would it work if you attached the mesh/model of the clothing or bikini or armor with adjusted sized breasts or whatever you like to the head dat?

For example, you have the taru bathing suit, and you make it endowed but have the dat cause the body dat to be invisible (no data) or something like that.

Im sure its possible, but I have no idea how much work it would take, and honestly Im not skilled to try @ this time. But its something for you pros to think about maybe? Havent heard this connection anywhere so I thought Id throw it out there.
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If you were to suggest the opposite, that a body dat would automatically hide the head, and have a gender specific face whenever that body was loaded, it should be doable. Faces have hide values that allow the entire face to be hidden (like for the Darksteel Armet; for example, the request I did in this thread took advantage of that knowledge to make a face dat into a "head" dat that replaces the face). I cannot say for sure that you could make a body force that hide value as none of SE's bodies as of yet have it, but because of the fact that certain bodies (cloaks) do have hide values that affect the face, it is more likely that it would function the same with the higher hide value than it is not.

But! Such is not the same for bodies as only the cuffs have a hide value. You could of course go through and alter each body you wanted to have hidden and etc etc etc to make the hide values work (maybe) but then you may as well change all the bodies individually anyway...

In short: with some tweaks, your idea could work.

In the long term though, the usefulness/time spent modding/interest is probably less than enough to make this happen.
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Im just glad in FFXIV lalafells wont have anymore this problem with sharing bodies at time of making .dats for it. as lalafells now will have diferent bodies. ^^

But yeah is sad Tarutarus have this issue, i guess modifyin a "only F" armor pieces is the only way to make this work. i think DNC AF outfit would fit this idea.
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