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Question Miraculous (ladybug) An anime that looks like a cartoon but...

Howdy there, Tucson coytoe here

Well you're probably looking at the tile and going "Tucsoncoyote have you lost your mind? The simple answer is.. No..

Let' me explain about Miraculous (In some countries it's known as Miracuylous Ladybug). Now while many look at the CGI animation and go, "Hunh , that's really a cartoon, It's really not.. Case in point.. When ZagToon (A french Company that works in Animation,), Pictched this idea, they in conjunction with Toei Animation (whioch is a Japanese studio is it not? (or is it that Toei is just Americanizing the Animation to make it look like a cartoon, showed that really this was. what I said it was.. An Anime.. Case in point, This video on Youtube right here..

Now before i go on further, It seems that Today's cartoons (And a few of the animes (Such as RWBY) are in a way CGI created, so then what sasay that this ins't a cartoon, or an anime.. or both?

The point is, a decade ago, Some folks said that the Cartoon Kim Possible was in fact an anime, whbecause it was created by an animation studio in Seoul South Korea, but they used basic Animation Technique..

So I feel that iN today's world if the animation is created with a Asian Animation studio si the key, then Toei makes this show a Definite Anime, and Zagtoons makes it a cartoon..

Oh and How Popular is tis show? It's very popular.. around the world (as both Toei and Zagtoon decided to release it to as many countries and channels then you can imagine..

Nickelodeon, Toon Disney, and about half a dozen others..

And to be honest, the plot is very good, as it seems the Protagonists, are really partners, trying to stop a megalomaniac of sorts.. (You hae to watch the entire first season to see how this plays out..

In the end, after revieiwing all 26 inital episodes, Zagtoon and Toei actually have a winner on their hands. and the idea is really sound.. Call it both an Anime and a cartoon,

But has anyone else (other thanmyself) seen this one? After all you know it's popular when folks are doing everything from regular art to Cosplay to even Hentai/Rule 34.. (Go figure)

But what are you thoughts and observations about this one? Its it a cartoon? Is it an anime? or is it the final form.. which we can all Animation?

I'll let the Peanut Gallery decide on that one..

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