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Default A TERA neko-sentai guild.

To everyone who has been playing the closed beta tests, what do you think of having a neko-sentai guild?

If there is enough interest, and if there are enough people from here playing the game, I think it'd be a real possibility. So far it seems there's about a dozen people from here who have been in the beta. Some of us, including myself and Gulk, have joined the BG guild, called "The Order". There are currently over 200 members, which is nice. The problem is, its on Jagged Coast PvP server, which not everyone would enjoy.

Also, the neko linkshell in FFXIV had a lot of roleplay, which was a new experience for me. I met a lot of people from here and from elsewhere. Some people I really didn't like, and some I grew very fond of. (You know who you are.) I'm not sure if people here would prefer a smaller, RP focused guild rather than a larger, task-oriented endgame activity guild.

For those who are not members of BG, what are your thoughts on creating a neko guild? Stick with Jagged Coast, or roll on a PvE server instead? Would the Celestial Hills RP server work better for people here? Do we have enough people playing to make it worth the time and effort? And who's willing to step up and make the guild and keep it thriving?

As for myself, I'm confident that I'll be sticking with BG. That doesn't mean that you can't hop on JC and say hi, flirt around a bit, and perhaps even join us. But realize that though RP is fun, its not all I do, and I'm sure others feel the same way. In other words, I won't be organizing or creating anything.

So is there enough interest? What do you think?
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well I'm for it.

but there doesnt seem to be alot of replies to this thread, hmm. The main reason I'd want to join is that I know there'd be alot of cool people in the guild, and it wouldn't be full of WoW-head retards

I'm hoping the retards just stop playing TERA and move onto something else, or go back to WoW or Call of Duty or something... lol
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Default anyone

playing this game ?
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