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New Public Build: Chapter VI

The time has come!

Version v0.60.1 is officially live and available to the public on both Windows and Mac, adding the latest chapter and all the bug fixes and general improvements that come with it. You can download it here: https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

So, what exactly is new? You can see the entire change log here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing but for the (very) abbreviated list:
  • Extended the main story line by several hours
  • You can ride Orus around outside for increased speed
  • You can now mine silver & gold around the world and use it to craft jewelry if your forge is upgraded
  • Added eight new written NSFW scenes
  • Added and revised new portraits and illustrations
  • Added new skill and spellbooks to the game
  • Performance optimizations
  • Balance adjustments
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

Q. Will my old save version work?
- A. Yes, but you may experience some bugs--especially visual. Save often and proceed at your own risk!

Q. I found a bug! Where do I report it?
- A. You can reply to this post or post in our public Discord's designated bug report channel.

Q. How do I know when the build ends? (Spoilers)
- A. Chapter VI ends once Mercy returns to the cove from Witchdale.

Thanks for playing, and if you enjoy the game, spread the word & consider becoming a patron!

New Weekly (& Alpha) Build: v0.61!

Alpha patrons are getting their build early to stay ahead of the public release.

Version 0.61 - 11/30/2018
  • Replaced Claire scene illustration (WIP)
  • Added Orus backpacks
  • Fixed some text runoff
  • Fixed an issue where encounters beneath Carvannah palace didn*t correctly display a background
  • Added more dialogue to the cove
  • Added a bedroll beneath Carvannah palace
  • Fixed an issue with the “strangers” boss fight ending before the final attack
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the Carvannah dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where Mydrede and Borris overlap during a Witchdale cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where Beatrix speaks with an NPC in Shiveworth at the beginning of the game
  • All maps in the game now check whether Mercy is riding Orus and adjusts speed accordingly
  • Implemented more lag reduction on all maps with multiple light effects
  • Fixed a number of lighting issues
  • Fixed an issue with map effects not loading in correctly on game start
  • Mercy is no longer slowed in the prologue dream sequence
  • Added new possible loot outcomes to the excavation chest (only available if you choose to upgrade the cove early, rather than let it upgrade through the plot)
  • Added leather hide as a possible monster loot drop
  • Fixed a number of bugs where Mercy would revert to her original sprite on screen transition
  • Dietrich is no longer in the cove when Mercy returns after Ch. 6 (if he ever was)
  • Fixed & modified some of the restocking loot spots in the cove, & added sparkle to know when it*s restocked
  • Fixed an issue with cooking monster flanks
  • Fixed a couple of tile passability issues in the cove throne room
  • The skill and spellbooks now sparkle in the cove for ease of identification

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New Weekly Build: v0.63!

Hi folks, we're back with another build this week--the last one before all the holiday madness! Builds WILL resume over the holidays, so you'll have plenty to do through the new year.

Chapter 7 is well under way, and we're beginning work on an entirely new continent: Grey Clarion, home of the nomadic and isolated harps.

This week's build gets a lot of new things started, but it also goes back and adds some nice touches to the debug room (accessible to Old Salt patrons and above), something we've been neglecting for a little while. Now you'll be able to unlock every scene in the game, even if you didn't choose a certain path or don't have certain characters unlocked, etc.

New to the game? You can download the public build or become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy!



Version 0.63 - 12-21-2018
  • Added a new NSFW scene (M/F, variety)
  • Added new rooms to the dormitory 3rd floor
  • Added Belka to cove (WIP)
  • Started development on Grey Clarion region
  • Started development on Harp race
  • Added cove fund, cove morale, attack disincentivization, unwanted attention to save reader
  • Added flame cultist tent to Carvannah coast
  • All library NSFW scenes can now be unlocked in the debug room
  • Debug room shade can now set Mercy and Orus to level 20 (after Chapter 6)
  • Added level 20 shade to the debug room for higher-level build-testing
  • Debug room shade now correctly adds Orus*s level 15 skills when switching classes
  • Fixed an issue where Orus could block Mordecai*s path, creating a soft-lock
  • Fixed a couple of immovable blocks
  • Fixed a misaligned greatsword animation
  • Removed lucky coin chest from cove
  • Fixed an issue where Beatrix was in the 2nd character slot instead of Orus, making her follow Mercy
  • Disabled player followers between when Beatrix is on the trader vessel and when Mercy reunies with Orus and Beatrix
  • Reverted a change where enemies or the player could die from slip damage
  • Poison now fades after 300 steps
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New Release: v0.64!

This weekly build packs a hefty little chunk of new content pertaining to Grey Clarion, homeland to the elusive and mysterious harps. Next week we will launch a new alpha build!

New to the game? Become a patron or download the public build to try it out at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

Hope you enjoy!

Version 0.64 - 12-28-2018
  • Added a new NSFW scene (M/F/F, size difference)
  • Added the Red Steps (region in Grey Clarion)
  • Added The Plateau (region in Grey Clarion)
  • Added The Grotto (region in Grey Clarion)
  • Added a new cooking ingredient to the game and various vendors
  • Added 3 new recipes to cooking fires (fruit desserts for MP recovery!)
  • Added items to the Grey Clarion regions
  • Added several new harp NPCs
  • Added a boss fight to Grey Clarion
  • Added new enemies to Grey Clarion
  • Fixed an issue with crafting Sun Keys
  • Revised the equip animation in combat
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New Weekly & Alpha Builds: v0.65!

Hello! I'm happy to present the latest build for weekly & alpha patrons alike. This has been an extremely busy week in Daughter of Essence Land, and partially for reasons not yet revealed.

To that end, I'll say this: there is more news to come later this week. In the meantime, enjoy this mountain of patch notes!

New to Daughter of Essence? You can become a patron or download the public build here: https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur

- Nym

Version 0.65 - 1-4-2019
  • Added a new cove dream sequence and awakening
  • Added Marlan and Moon's return to the cove
  • Merged Marlan's inventory into Mercy*s after he returns
  • Added new features and fixed a number of bugs with the fishing system
  • Mercy's Luck now factors into whether she gets a bite
  • The amount of “uses” a fishing spot has is now fixed on your first interaction
  • Fishing spots can no longer disappear just by interacting with them
  • Added new “homemade bait” recipe, made from gorpflorps. It increases your chances of finder higher quality fish of each type
  • Revised the mystery person*s sprite and essence animation from the initial dream sequence
  • Fixed an issue where returning to Mar'Liore in Ch. 7 could revert Mercy to her old sprite
  • Advised the player to spend Skill Points on choosing a class
  • Fixed an issue where the class selection could be “skipped,” resulting in the default class
  • Shadow Oil is now correctly removed from the inventory when stolen by Poppy
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Peacekeeper Camille from transitioning to her recruitment dialogue
  • Fixed a bug where Mercy could return to Witchdale immediately after engaging Van Ritter's crew
  • Fixed an error where Mercy would still be riding Orus on the ship after leaving Witchdale
  • Fixed an incorrect reference to Hallie helping defeat the pirates
  • Dalkon is now fully-recovered before fighting Van Ritter's crew
  • The sparkling rabbit purchased from Dietrich is now correctly detected in Wulfhilde's shop
  • Fixed an issue where Holden's path was blocked by Orus during a cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy would be riding Orus in the inn after a cutscene
  • Hallie no longer disappears from Mercy*s room until you reach Esterholt, instead of as soon as you receive Marlan's letter
  • Essence glass is no longer incorrectly removed after leaving Gertrude's forge
  • Cooking fire recipes now only show ingredient icons to avoid text cutoff
  • Fixed monster flanks, strawberries and hogfish displaying incorrect icons in the cooking fire
  • Fixed a bug where player followers were enabled when returning to the manor after defeating the Night Mother
  • Fixed an incorrect line of dialogue after looting the key fragment from Balgruuf's chambers
  • Fixed a portrait issue when talking to Orus in the Balgruuf Manor
  • Hallie wakes up in time to catch the boat in Esterholt
  • Mercy can access Aunt Agatha's Esterholt manor room after Volda's intrusion
  • Changed a line of Joseph's (fish vendor) dialogue
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in Carvannah
  • Fixed a couple of tile passability issues in Witchdale
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in the bath house
  • Fixed some tile passability issues in and around Esterholt
  • You can now correctly fish with the iron fishing rod during the construction phase of the cove
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy would still run at mounted speed after fishing while mounted
  • Pressing ‘X' or ‘Esc' no longer defaults to the “nothing for now” option when choosing a cove upgrade
  • Fixed a screen-flickering issue in Esterholt as a consequence of the parallax and image overlay images not syncing correctly
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • Fixed a portrait issue when fishing in Mar'Liore after ch. 6
  • Mercy can no longer read the journals in the Esterholt manor basement until she lights a lantern
  • Fixing some lighting issues in and made some optimizations to the cove throne room
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New Weekly Build & Art Announcement

The patch notes for the latest weekly build are below, and we're happy to say that they are cool and good, but we have an even more important announcement to make.

We have decided to bring an artist onto our team, so for the last two weeks, we've been in long and sometimes excruciating talks with dozens of qualified people, trying to find someone who is the right combination of available, talented, affordable and invested in the project, which is a sort of modern holy grail of attributes.

That said, we have made some progress. Not so much progress that we can announce a name and a time, but enough that we feel confident in announcing that our search is fully under way and that we've narrowed it down to a few potentials.

That said, nothing is set in stone, and if you know someone who you feel is right for the job, now is a very good time to pass that information along.

Version 0.66 - 1-11-2019
  • Added a new cove event in Ch. 7
  • Added a new toy to Wulfhilde*s tier 3 workshop: The Cathedral
  • Added a new NSFW scene (solo F, toy)
  • Added new lines of dialogue to everyone in the cove
  • Added a new illustration to the Sparkling Plug scene
  • Added rooms to the second floor of the cove dormitories
  • There is now a new, duplicate cove area that players switch to after Ch. 7. (This was necessary because events have a 20 page cap, and this cap had been exceeded on a growing number of NPCs. Now I can start fresh and help keep organized.) There is also a new duplicate cove tavern
  • The first cove upgrade now correctly costs funds from Mercy*s stash
  • Upgrading the throne room now correctly costs funds
  • Updated the scene library with all recent scenes
  • Fixed an issue where cove images could overlay during cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where combat read “she could not escape” even when controlling Marlan
  • Fixed a number of typos and text alignment issues
  • Fixed some misaligned item sprites
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New Weekly Build: v0.67!

Another week, another update to Daughter of Essence for our patrons!

This one packs in a lot of new content in the cove, including tons of new character dialogue and a lot of that big, juicy story progression we've been building up to for a couple of updates.

It's been fun fleshing out the characters at home, so to speak, and there's plenty more where that came from in the future.

If you would like to become a patron or try out the public build, please visit https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

On the artist front, we've tentatively narrowed our focus down to one very promising candidate, and we'll update you as soon as everything's official. Let me just say... Audrey and I are very excited and optimistic about the future.

That's it for me tonight--see you soon!

- Nym

Version 0.67 - 1-18-2019
  • Added new story content and dialogue to the cove
  • Added a new boss fight (WIP)
  • Added a new tile for door frames to indicate doors enterable from above
  • Updated the quest journal
  • Finished all rooms in the cove dormitory
  • Fixed a portrait issue with Douglas from the Mar*Liore farm
  • Fixed an issue where you could buy a duplicate fishing rod from Ginny
  • Essence Bolt changed to Essence Flare, no longer requires a crossbow to fire
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed an issue where Cattie is incorrectly called “Ginny” in the cove
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New Build: v0.68!

Hey folks, just wrapped up the latest weekly build, which takes the big leap of expanding the world east, in preparation for the next big adventure.

As I might have mentioned already, we've also settled on a long-term artist (whose work is featured above), and we'll get around to making introductions once everything is finalized.

It's going to be good. At least, I'm pretty sure it's going to be good. I'm like 94% positive that it's going to be good, and those are the kinds of odds I like to bet on. Daughter of Essence has come a long way since we launched this Patreon, and the game has nowhere to go but up from here. And that's damn well where we plan on taking it.

A reminder that if you would like to try the public build or become a patron, visit us at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

- Nym

Version 0.68 - 1-25-2019
  • Added new story content and dialogue to the cove
  • Added cove departure
  • Added new scene illustration for the Agatha & Silas scene!
  • Expanded the World Map to include the Eastern Territories (WIP)
  • Made changes to the existing World Map
  • Added Fort Wilkes exterior (WIP)
  • Added New Light Restaurant exterior (WIP)
  • Created the custom Benn Wilkes sprite and portrait
  • Implemented transition back to original sprites and portraits
  • ATB tick formula has been adjusted, slightly nerfing the effects of AGI on ATB speed and increasing ATB speeds at lower levels across the board
  • Adjusted Isabelle and Edward encounter
  • Fixed a handful of portrait issues in the cove
  • Fixed an issue where the boat was transported just outside the cove even when it shouldn't be
  • Updated some lines of dialogue that felt out of place in the current timeline
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't ride Orus in the chapter 7 cove
  • Fixed an issue where Orus wouldn't appear in the cove as a follower after Wulfhilde arrived
  • Fixed an issue where Gorstag hung around the docks after Marlan left with the ship
  • Added a new boat sprite for the Oldlight scouting vessel
P.S. ...Guess what build comes next...

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Version 0.69, Dude (Weekly & Alpha)

At long last, after many hard months, we have arrived at version 0.69. To commemorate this occasion, naturally, we had to implement a new, thematically-appropriate NSFW scene.

But beyond the number of the build, this week marks another major occasion! After a few weeks of teasing and insinuation, we're finally pleased to OFFICIALLY welcome our new artist to the project long-term!

Her name is Numinox, or Numi for short, and she will be helping us with our art assets for the foreseeable future, so I hope you'll welcome her aboard and look forward to seeing what she contributes to the game! She's very talented and brings a cool style of art that Audrey and I think will fit in really nicely.

To become a patron or try our public build visit: https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

- Nym

Version 0.69 - 2-1-2019 (Nice Edition)
  • Added new NSFW scene (F/F, 69)
  • Added New Light Restaurant interior
  • Second Floor Added
  • Cellar Added
  • Added New Light patrons and occupants
  • Added new optional encounter (if certain choices were made)
  • Added several new location-specific rare fish to the game
  • New fish on the expanded docks
  • New fish in Witchdale
  • New fish in Esterholt
  • New fish in Carvannah Aqueducts
  • New fish in Mar'Liore
  • Fixed a handful of text errors
  • Fixed a bug where some “unwinnable” encounters were winnable and caused soft-locks
  • Increased “Trance” deterioration rate
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New Weekly Build, Version 0.70!

Here's the latest weekly build, in all its Frankenstein glory.

I worked on a lot of different bits and pieces this week, some of which weren't finished in time for version 0.70, so there are a few placeholders in there for now. Thus is the life of a dev who puts out a build every week, though, so y'all are used to that by now.

Even considering the works in progress, it's still a nice little build with some very oft-requested "features" snuck in there. It's a bit of a secret scene for now, so I won't spoil the fun.

New to the game? Try out the public build or become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.70 - 2-8-2019
  • Added new NSFW scene (Monster, Tentacles) (WIP)
  • Added new scene illustration (Mercy & toy)
  • Added new New Light scenes
  • Added new ship scene
  • Added new encounters and major boss fight
  • Added arrival to Fort Wilkes
  • Added Fort Wilkes north and south yards
  • Added Fort Wilkes interior entrance and west wing
  • Added new encounters to Fort Wilkes (WIP)
  • Updated the New Light restaurant exterior map
  • Fixed a volume level issue with the eastern overworld
  • Added dialogue that prevents players from going to Fort Wilkes before learning it exists
  • Fixed Prince of the Deep having earth essence for some reason
  • Teeth now remove Enraged as well as Berserk
  • Shells now remove Drowned as well as Sleep and Paralysis
  • Fixed an issue where the Sparkling Plug illustration wouldn't show after the first use
  • Attempting to escape combat showed %1 instead of character's name
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