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Default Prolly the MOST ridiculous ban reason i've ever seen

Sooo i was really hoping we could get along but. . . i don't know . . .

(check file attached :D)

How'd i find those? Because they're actually on *cough* page 1 of the *cough* threads so. . . I dunno. . . Looks like its still my fault that they've been there for " 2 years " and bumping them when those topics inside those threads are actually my interests. And also they're not random. Because this is FORUMS after all where topics are being ARCHIVED, you click the thread and you search for the topics you want to see or maybe found a " random " topic that actually interests you or maybe use the search bar to " search " for topics you want. So anyway, why not auto-delete threads that lasted over a year? OR maybe CLOSE those aging topics eh? Instead of tempo banning people for some ridiculous reason like this? :D

Jesus christ, to whoever tempo-banned me, I'm sorry if im being disrespectful but what you did doesn't deserve any respect at all so i hope you're trying your best to cover some hole in your brain since it's seriously leaking lots of stupidity :D

P.S I dont care if you perma ban me, it's good other than staying on some forums that some smartass shit-tard mod / admin exist whoever banned me ^_^ bye bye!
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I'm not a mod or admin, so obviously it wasn't me thus don't shoot the messanger. However, you are new here so you don't know this very well like some of us old timers do know. Generally, when someone just joins and bumps topics that are older than all get out it is typically some bot trying to get 10 post really fast so they can post links/pics. Normally said links/pics are to promote some other website that no one here cares about and it causes a flood of new flags for topics that didn't add anything to said topic.

For this reason it has become a valid reason to temporarily ban someone as it stops said flood post in old topics creating new flags for absolutely no new content with an otherwise frivolous post. Just because you don't agree with said temp ban doesn't mean that it isn't without cause or justified. It should be a live and learn, but if you're going to call a mod or admin out on it instead, well then maybe you're someone that shouldn't be a part of the community anyway. Rules exist for reasons, and in most cases ignorance of said rules are not an excuse to break them.
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Old threads are in a way like a trap for bots, because they are the only ones that will randomly find a thread that may be 2-5+ pages down to respond to.

The website already uses several bot filters, but it doesn't catch them all and probably the best way is to catch them posting in a random thread, in which they usually post something that doesn't contribute to the thread.

"Nice pic"
"I liked x more than this, but it was really nice than you"

It tends to be human nature to only look at the top of a search list, much like a forum list. Many don't search for something that can be years old, if not over a decade old. The said person being replied to, may not even visit the forums anymore.

I'm sure its nice to thank someone for their post, but usually doing that to "recent" posts, where said person has interest/looking for feedback at that time is more important than feedback for something 2... 5... 10... 12 years old.

In which case, this trap is made for said bots. For normal people, its a resource to find old things, especially images, music and videos. For bots, its something to bump to get peoples attention while adding usually a profile image/sig image or text with some advertisement to try to be "sneaky".

Anyway tl;dr

Posts under 1 year replied to aren't too much in danger, but is looked into to made sure its not some bot possibly. Replies to thread 2years+ is considered auto temp ban due to the potential sheer effort to even seek out such a thread to reply to.

People can always ask one of the admins to be set to avoid the "10 posts, to make links in threads".
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To be more abrasive, welcome to forums. They've been around since the 80s, and the one thing that hasnt changed in the fast paced nature of newer aggregates like chans or reddit is that everybody hates necrobumps.

Like unless theres a super good reason, and there almost never is, let sleeping dogs lie. the last thing I want to see is a post I made in 2008 making "o.o" faces and reminding myself about how much of a dip I used to be. I'm too busy dealing with how much of a dip I am now.
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