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New Weekly & Alpha Releases: v0.82!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy week with a lot of in-game and out-of-game developments. We're in talks with a number of voice actors to record a prologue for us, and we're chipping away at a lot of different parts of chapter 8 which we hope you'll enjoy.

There's not a lot to say that the patch notes won't cover, but it's a fun build and we hope everyone enjoys.

Notice how they all start with "added" instead of "fixed," which is a REALLY nice change of pace.

New to the game? Try the public build or become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.82 - 5-3-2019
  • Added new scene illustration (Mercy/Hallie pt. 3)
  • Added new NSFW scene (femdom, footjob)
  • Added Fogsborough (WIP)
  • Added northern mountain passages and east & west gates
  • Added a new, updated world map to replace the old one
  • Added new enemies to the mountain passages
  • Added ice puzzles to the game
  • Added new hidden treasures and cutscenes
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New Release: v0.83!

Hi folks, the latest weekly build is now live! We're still crafting the village of Fogsborough and populating it with new characters.

This little remove village is tucked away on the far west corner of Grey Clarion, and you'll have to do a little spelunking to reach it.

We've also spent a good portion of the week listening to auditions for the voice of Mercy, and we're pleased to announce that we've, at last, found what we think is the right fit. We'll have more on that subject soon, but at the very least, we're eager to bring Mercy to life for some of the important monologue parts.

New to the game? You can play the public build or become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Until next time!

- Nym

Version 0.83 - 5-10-2019
  • Implemented a new system whereby resistance determines the amount of bonus skill points earned when resisting essence
  • Populated Fogsborough with citizens and house interiors
  • Added several new items and ingredients
  • Added Franz encounter
  • Added Fogsborough Docks
  • Added Fogsborough Market
  • Guarding now increases Recovery Effect by 20%
  • Added winter Orus riding sprite
  • Mercy can now ride Orus in Fogsborough
  • Changed some of the early choice menus for better continuity
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could revert to her normal sprite after leaving the monastery
  • Revised some of the early dialogue for better continuity
  • Looted or store-bought hufferpuffer pie now applies the “hearty meal” state
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New Release: Version 0.84!

Hi everyone! Not a whole lot to talk about that isn't in the patch notes except to say we're plugging along and making good progress on Ch. 8, which will most likely be the largest chapter to date.

I also implemented an oft-requested feature in the form of a stat guide, now lootable from the very moment Mercy wakes up at the manor. If you miss it the first time around, you can also get it from Beatrix's office in the dorms.

Want to try Daughter of Essence? The public build is available at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur! Become a patron to access more builds!

See you next week!

- Nym

Version 0.84 - 5-17-2019
  • Finished up the Franz quest line & added the second Franz encounter
  • The book Mercy wakes up next to at the beginning of the game can now be read & looted, and contains information about all the stats (can be found later in Beatrix's room if you missed it at the beginning).
  • Gongo can be recruited to the cove as a sailor (along with his mom)
  • Added alternate routes to beginning the Franz quest
  • Added a new house interior to Fogsborough
  • Added many items to the Fogsborough maps
  • Added a variable to track optional major and minor tasks in Chapter 8. (You will be limited to a finite amount of major tasks before “time” runs out, so consider your options and split your saves!)
  • Added Fukuru and Franz to the cove
  • Expanded the scene library and added the nestmother & abigail scenes
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed fishing spots causing Orus to appear more than once, or else for Mercy to move at riding speeds with her normal sprite
  • Fixed a portrait issue on the ship in Mar'Liore
  • Fixed an issue where using the debug switch to enable all game scenes made Leite's scene turn into Bell's
  • Updated the Leviathan's attack animations
  • Updated some cove dialogue to reflect new members
  • Fixed the battle background in Franz's room
  • Adjusted the battle background in the frozen caverns
  • The replenishing fishing lure on the extended cove docks now has its own message instead of a message about smoothfins
  • Fixed DragonBones animated enemies having incorrectly defined sizes for being attacked/clicked on
  • When receiving the Emperor's Gloves from Meghan, they are now correctly titled thus
  • Added new clues about Kelsie's Revenge Quest
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New Release: v0.85!

Hi! This is a big release (for me, personally), because it fixes a number of major issues that have been plaguing development for months, and it opens up a lot of new options for me to experiment with improving combat.

ALSO, I'm very pleased to finally introduce the official voice actress for Mercy, who will be narrating a number of scenes throughout the game, starting with the prologue. Please welcome the very talented Dorn on board!

Beyond that, I've also added some new features this week: autosaves being chief among them (as an experiment), but also new keybind shortcuts in the form of B (for bag) and M (for map). No more digging through the inventory to find out where in the world you are anymore.

There has also been a bit of sprucing up of old maps, with places like Shiveworth getting a bit of a facelift.

Anyway, there's been a ton of little fixes and improvements, all of which are logged below. New alpha build next week!

New to the game or want to become a patron? Visit https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Until then.

Version 0.85 - 5-24-2019
  • Added some new, voice-acted lines at the end of the Shiveworth prologue, courtesy of Dorn!
  • Added Aklas's campsite & multiple different conversations and paths depending on your choices so far
  • Added Dietrich & Aklas to the cove
  • Beatrix's “Essence Flare” now counts as a physical attack
  • Spruced up the Shiveworth maps with new flower, grass and coral tiles
  • Implemented an autosave feature (temporarily, as a test)
  • Disabled the confirmation request when loading save files from the menu
  • Updated all of the attack animation sequences, adding more diversity to the attack types and making the blows feel more powerful and resolve more quickly
  • Added new hotkeys for opening up the item bag (B) and pulling up the travel map (M). NOTE: you'll have to reset the keyboard configuration back to default before these hotkeys work.
  • Fixed a bug where the new DragonBones plugin was causing humanoid enemy attack animations not to play correctly during attacks [FINALLY]
  • Fixed a bug where finishing up the Esterholt chapter and leaving fails to disable the “coat on” switch, which affects fishing spots
  • Claire no longer remains in the nunnery after it*s cleared out by Oldlight soldiers
  • In the debug room, rather than choosing a specific level, you can now increase or decrease Mercy and Orus's levels by increments (up to level 20)
  • Fixed a bug where a Fogsborough watchman can be body-blocked by Orus, causing a soft lock
  • Fixed a fishing spot in the Fogsborough cavern passage
  • Fixed some typos and text runoffs
  • Lowered system sound effect levels across the board
  • Overhauled Bell*s ship hull map for better pathing and clearer doorways
  • Fixed an issue where the opening splash screen plugin was known to cause frame drops (courtesy of Bluebooth)
  • Marlan has his own inventory now during the execution segment in Carvannah
  • Fixed an issue where Silas appeared in the Witchdale tavern even if you didn*t recruit him
  • Added new flower tiles to Mar'Liore
  • Fixed some issues where Orus was appearing twice in a scene or overlapping someone
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the bed in the White Rat and declining to sleep still progressed a quest in the journal
  • You can no longer enter the room in the White Rat without first talking to Cattie
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New Release: v0.86: The Fightening

Good evening, comrades! I'll try to keep this brief since I have a few things to go over.

This week introduces a number of fairly substantial overhauls to combat balance and animations, as well as an important update to the autosave system.

When you update to the new version, you'll notice right away that your save isn't in the same slot as it was in v0.85 or earlier. That's because slot 1 is now reserved for autosaves, and everything else has been moved down a slot to compensate.

So (and this is important), if you have a save in slot 1, I would STRONGLY encourage saving in another slot before updating to avoid any unusual behavior.

Also, thanks to a some newly-recruited beta testers, the game has received some very thorough testing and bug-reporting over the past few weeks, so that's why you'll notice a LOT of bug-fixing and fine-tuning in the patch notes. I'm grateful to everyone who's been helping out on that front and I hope you enjoy version 0.86!

Want to try the public build or become a patron? https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.86.1 - 6-3-2019
  • Added Danforth Crook (WIP)
  • Knockout state now decreases XP by 50% instead of 100%
  • Revamped all damage/healing over time states so that they do flat rates based on stat formulae instead of percentiles. As a consequence, bosses are now generally susceptible to DoTs.
  • Damage/healing over time states now play their own unique animations during damage ticks
  • Autosave now triggers only on exterior or significant map changes rather than all map changes. This is to cut down the excess performance hit when moving between small rooms, and also just because it felt excessive.
  • Fixed some skills repeating animations
  • Added a new Guard animation, + guarding reduces the chance of state infliction by 50%
  • Sigrun's dialogue changes after the commotion in the castle plaza
  • Fixed a couple of inconsistencies with the spelling of Hallie's last name
  • Bell's Hawk Strike and Shock Piercer attacks now require player timed attack
  • Bell no longer appears briefly as Mercy's follower on the ship
  • The bat in Shiveworth no longer tints the screen (forgot to remove a test from v0.86)
  • Orus should no longer appear in the White Rat twice
  • Added a series of new cast animations to diversify elements, weapon skills and enemy skills
  • At level 3, Mercy now learns “Wound Essence”: basic, light-element essence magic
  • Counter has been reworked so that it no longer totally mitigates incoming attacks, but instead attacks after, like traditional RPGs. This is to differentiate it further from evasion and reflection, and to mitigate the “wait periods” for some early encounters where you have no magic. To compensate for the nerf, counter rates on equipment and class bonuses are being universally increased
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move the wrong way after pickpocketing the Southgate soldier in Mar'Liore and soft lock
  • Ferrum Silvae no longer faces the wrong way in combat
  • Simple stat descriptions added to the stat advancement message boxes
  • Mercy is now stripped of her weapon when captured by Oldlight
  • Fixed some text runoffs and typos
  • Fixed some toys applying states while still on cooldown
  • All toys now list the status applied
  • Sobriety Necklace now provides full immunity to “Dizzy”
  • Raised VO levels slightly and muted background audio
  • Fixed some lighting effects in the traders cove segment
  • Updated Hallie's initial scene for continuity
  • The szarva horn is now correctly removed from your inventory on quest completion
  • Adjusted the giant lion beetle fight slightly
  • If Mercy happens to beat the finder in Shiveworth, it now acknowledges your victory and correctly removes Orus
  • Lowered the volume level of the storm on the ship
  • Hallie's Flame Barrier spell now has a description in the menu
  • Gorstag no longer shows up at the cove uninvited
  • Updated dialogue for a couple of Witchdale peacekeepers after returning the second time
  • Fixed some passability issues
  • Glenna no longer references Claudia if Claudia wasn't rescued
  • Fixed Wulfhilde not opening the shop menu after returning from Fort Wilkes
  • The Oldlight “strangers” encounters have been modified slightly
  • The Honorable Pete's “wind-up” state no longer disappears before the follow-up
  • Re-entering the Fogsborough cave passage from the east now correctly applies the “coat on” switch, preventing Mercy from removing the coat while fishing
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New Release! Version 0.87!

Hi everyone! The latest release is live and features a meaty little chunk of new content and some new areas and quests in progress.

Surprisingly, there haven't been any major gamebreaking issues reported since the last system implementations, so besides a few little tweaks here and there, I've been able to focus largely on writing new scenes instead of fixing mechanical problems!

With that said... I'll be taking a short vacation next week. I've been reaching peak burnout recently with the flurry of overtime hours and mad bug-fixing, and I haven't had a proper weekend since about this time last year. In fact, it's been about 50 straight builds in a row, which is kind of insane now that I think of it!

So I hope you'll understand while I try to recoup some of my brainpower and just try to get my mojo back in order. Chances are, I'll make it halfway through the week before I'm back on the grind.

New to the game? Become a patron or play the public build at https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Thanks, everyone!

- Nym

Version 0.87 - 6-8-2019
  • Added Danforth Forest & bandit camp
  • Added new interiors and characters to Danforth Crook
  • Bandit quest and recruitment added
  • Marilea recruitment added
  • Fixed some instances of Orus standing on other NPCs (and sometimes Mercy)
  • Moon Elemental's “Moon Drop” skill changed to “Moon Sight” for continuity
  • Mercy now learns “Wound Essence” after sparring with Marlan instead of at level 3. Dialogue updated for continuity
  • Updated the stables scene for continuity
  • Added conditions to the DoT formulae to check current hp, so states no longer inflict the killing blow (this was causing strange behavior where enemies didn't count as defeated)
  • Updated a few lines in the Carvannah Mine for continuity
  • Fixed a transfer event on Bell's ship
  • Fixed a passability issue in the Carvannah noble district
  • Changed a number of outdated nameplates for continuity
  • Fixed the holding cell wall switch in the cove
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New Release: Version 0.88!

Hi everyone! We're back in business after a nice little week-long rest. This new patch expands the Grey Clarion and Danforth Crook areas with some new areas and optional/hidden boss encounters, both of which are some of the hardest fights yet, so HANG ON to your asses.

It also sneaks in a couple of little QoL features that people may appreciate.

Hope you enjoy, and we'll see you next week!

New to the came or want to become a patron? Visit https://www.patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.88 - 6-21-2019
  • Added hidden basement & new scenes to Danforth Crook
  • Added new boss encounter to Danforth Crook
  • Fixed a passability issue in the cove
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy would try to fish while controlling Marlan
  • The absolute minimum steps between random encounters changed to 10, from 1
  • Random encounters are escapable 100% of the time
  • Crash-errors should now display a full error report
  • Auto-dash and Command Remember are now enabled by default
  • Added several large new areas to Grey Clarion (WIP)
  • Added two new enemy types to Grey Clarion
  • Added new boss encounter to Grey Clarion
  • HP & MP are restored on level up
  • Dialogue has been added to Honu in Grey Clarion for if you find Aklas first
  • Some animation sound effects adjusted to be less jarring and more visceral
  • Fixed an issue where Marlan could be sent to Grey Clarion without skills if Hallie wasn't rescued
  • Mercy now dismounts Orus automatically whenever boarding a vehicle
  • Fixed some animations repeating
  • The Mar'Liore cooking quest now correctly resolves in the journal
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