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Default goshtins imported gallery (56k BEWARE... and everyone else)

since amov is..sorta.. :(
this is as far back as my gallery goes now. The gallery I had from me as a lvl 30 drk is long since gone :( Dont mind the random bits between posts. the whole thing is lifted from another forum.. ENJOY:


the games stupid.. u cant scale urself againt anything anymore...

still playing in sea.. timing important stuff for when they open their mouths now

/thf coulda saved me in this situation ; ;

>_< I wasn't even hacking!!

I dont even care. it's not that good.. af+1 is nicer



loll mass charm-ga in dynamis. we all chased someone, but couldnt tell who xD

I love letting ancient magic run when I have /nin ^^

zeru is thinkikng about both relic katana and bow now O.O but he has high lvl CC, so it's possible

me soloing T+ mobs in sea :D

lol we've been here for too long methinks
/breaklinkshell :D

I've been trying to get ppl stuck in that hole recently, but nobody seems to fall for it :P

big update though, been a while :P
not terribly exciting but heh ^^;

dont let anyone tell you that you ant do anything! pick yourself up and try! and then die... flee across all of bahflua thickets wihtout sneak invis or shadows woulda worked...if these dragons didn't run so damned fast

incase u didn't know Trinsie has completed the reic great axe. tbh I wasn't ZOMG in exp.. but hey it probably parsed more dmg than me and zerugi anyway ^^b

last couple of mobs in sea.. mastered fighting these thigns now. didn't even have to stop and rest inbetween fights. just grabbed a blm mob and aspird it, and carried on :P

but no matter how much soloing I do... always somthing impossible to do... UFO organs are not to be solod... so limbus shell is doing 3 every 2 weeks. if I dont get any monday, I'm gonna try shouting for them

good thing I'd just learned stoneskin D:

my very first omega fight in limbus

pwned and we got the BEST drops possible! homan body, feet and legs! and guess who got the feet!!! these things are godly! jammy+1

helping belaeyoeuee kill a nm and I agro..so he ran off and left me for dead

helping friend get a blu spell.. she dies so I kill myself...out of courtesy..it was kinda my fault she died..

limbus is very much the way to go.. af+1 is much better than afv2 and it's much easier to attain. more about effort than luck

this nab is luck.. his armour is HORRIBLE and he has afv2 helm.. I know ppl who are pimped like monsters, close to relic, and THEY dont have this...

enfeebling skill up... on my drk you say?

hell yeah on my DRK. I saved everyones bitch ass

so I got alchemy high enough to do haku eye clusters. 2 days farming these things

really not that hard tbh..

enemeis that once seemed impossible now seem laughably easy..

buttt no matter how good I get. 2 pppl > 1
and in this picture 5 > 1
I actually couldn't solo those mobs ; ; died a lot

still these mobs are stupid.. perfect chance to kill me, and it cast burn on me I think

drama at NQ behemoth <3 it. RMT claim

but as they wipe the rdm starts to gravity kite with flee tool.. and when they are all figthing again...they FULL wipe at like 6% and promptly CFH. <3 rmt

I actually only managed to farm one of these eyes.. I could solo every mob cept den of rancor ones...but they WOULD NOT DROP THE EYES...
2 days of tryin, so I gave up and bought them all.. cost me a mill approx

then came the moment of truth X_x

SUCCESS! my first haku cluster :D and I sold it an hr later for 2mill and a kingdom aketon, which I then sold for 790k 10mins AFTER that! so 2.79mill, and 1mill cost.. so 1.7profit... not bad not great ^^

many of the best items require "75 coins" coins are like currency in dynamis, but they dont drop as often. every week or so, my limbus shell does a thing where we random for 75 coins. I was the LAST and most recent person added to this list. so u can imagine how jammy I am to win the 75 lot. ^^ I've got homan feet and soon brutal earring, and if I'm lucky UFO organ on monday.. all in like a month on this shell. godly

lol friend got killed by the charmed genral.. and I was fighting with my chaosbringer because it was the only weapon I had ^^;;

lol sorry D:
I get all emo like that somtimes but lol..

I have been a lvl 31 whm through atleast 3 parties now... they just dont LAST

boring roc.. so boring

yeah... I'm done with haku eye clusters >.>

I got 3 earrings.. none have sold.. iditos keep dropping the price.. freaking idiots..

Lawwll I will never tire of that

heh.. getting paralyzed kinda sucks though.. run for my life time

yAY para got some bard coat which I dont know! congratulations!

absolutely loving my limbus shell! I've got brutal earring, homan feet and they got my my last organ needed for my aqua gorget! and now they are moving on to popping sea gods :D

someones overly friendly mule. humored "it" for about 10 seconds and then got bored of manthra...where are the tarus when u need them :/

hell froze over. DRK af drops, and nobody needs it..

... :roll:

<3 Arcane Circle


finishing up whm. my enfeeb was as good as the rdms XD he spent more time curing than me ^^;

more shit.. so tired and dizzy after this one rida said it best. "Im a BORED"

positiong for brd was getting ever so risky.. there are holes right off camera, and I nearly fell in them like 5 times D:

big ass sheep NM time. Corvis wanted some gay relic shield. He'll probably quit pld and lvl nin like they all do >.> but still was fun :D

gay threats from deady as usual... someone needs to get this kid a distraction..


LOL gotta love it when shit happens XD
we got drop though, grats. no pics because I forgot and was a bit busy with adds =3

dynamis beuci. everyone gets 2 drops but the drks...

it's not even that good.. tyrone alredy has a lot of the best shit for drk ; ;
/drool KC

anyway more to come :)

lol.. ur all gonna regret saying it was nice
have some more >:D


orc king Wooo

drop yeah XD and I still made it for limbus

.dat editing just got a whole lot more interesting :twisted:

hayden suprised us all with a jailer fight before limbus. I dont think he expected it to take 2hrs thhough oO

kiting around this place was kinda fun. I didn't get to fight him though ; ;

blms got to melle XD

helping xiozen get his af helm for drk. the pld made us a bit panicy by saying his friends took like 12 ppl to this and they wiped...and I was gonna need to tank the weapon. I totally forgot to use arcane circle XD

but lol he was a pussy

kicked his ass XD grats xio :D

<3 limbus destroyers. doing jailers today I think... 8pm my time if my abacus is right, anyway have some more :P

got sommore now. between hnms, limbus, and (not) going to dynamis, these pictures tend to build up X_X

okay soli. that's proof. public knowledge.. ur joining LD when u get sea... OK!!

~brd is so gay... I cant stand being that gay... lallalala~

deady and me went to SSG to check on charby.. thought we'd kill some nms too.. now I can tank these because after this we waited for next pop, and I tanked it. was a bit tricky, but since deady can only handle so much curing, and I couldnt sleep or bind it, I think I did quite well ^^

anyway charby popped.. no chance for us. jp rdm and jp nin took it

being the nice guys that we are, we offered to help

being the mupet I am, I over dmgd and died... TWICE during the fight

as a ty, they offered to pay us, so they traded me a mil, but my inv was full and I didnt recieve. and then it was "goodbye, thanksyou, see yu again, I dont understand, bye bye, Im japansese lalalalalal" ^^;

blu burn.. blu, blu, blu, nin, brd, rdm... and at lvl 40-ish. very easy and fun exp


its like charlies angels... only better... "AMOVS ANGELS!" <3

this 10 images a post thing is a tad annoying >.>


more noobs in VERY rare drk afv2.. hurray!

QUick was pissig me off because he called me lazy, and then HE didnt go to bastok for me >.> so random shouting at him...but he was in lower and I was in port, so it didnt work ^^;;

first steps towards fafnir, and my destined heca cap.. str+11 <can I have it?>

lol @ ppl who claimed darters when window wasnt even open

and then they did it again after >.>

atleast they didnt get claim... watch this space.. faf will be ours soon enough :twisted:

well then.. anyway

the line that's just been cut off was "lol I threw that Algool out"

oh coommON!

king scoprian man thingy guy

spent 20mins building hate it seems

but hey.. we all just kinda saw it and said "oh lets kill that" got it to like 85%

and then jonh solod it back upto 100% ^^

cli has 2 of the things I want on my wish list..

jailer time :) didn't get to fight one yet, and I didnt get into the Ultima team ; ; maybe next year ^^


ffs fluxe.. wave to someone if u know them u jack ass >.>

wait for somthing stupid to happen and 2 come along at once... lolrus and random kicking ._.

Red DRKs give u wingssss

basic geography is not our forte... nor that of the RMT it seems.. took them a long time to say the name of their OWN capital...

winding looked so damned comfy

flying in sea...
and for my next trick, I'll swim in sky

DRK enfeebling magic saved the day! save dmy life earlier too, as I got agrod while on my own by those ball things in the garden of ru'hamet ^^b

still.. I die plenty.. bloody emo

I can go a whole week without taking shots somtimes, and then out of nowhere I end up taking 12 >.>
my gallery on photobucket is 29 pages long!!?

anyway :D

Priche is easily one of the most likeable characters in the game, and as with any good story somthing changes at the end. I wasn't expecting her, but seeing her in this CS after, she's actually quite different O_o

why are all these 18 ppl running around in their underwear?

well we are going somewhere... wtf is with ppl getting sepearated and then agroing shit and then we have to wait at the "exit" because we all have to go together

clearly its a big fight, because I need to sort out a SC with other melles...pity none of them give enough of a damn to actually say somthing
so what were we going to fight?

BAHAMUT! (who flails btw...)

flailing happens when someone hits it from behind... so clearly.. the solution is... DONT HIT IT FROM BEHIND

death #4 we won... but I spent so much of the fight dead because I kept getting whacked by giga flare and his flail.. so gay.. so damned unfair and gay >_< I'm so going back there one day..

bah.. least I got T.O.D
me and the afk deady coulda taken it though...

random soli

noob party with 2 plds agro a water elemental. I 2hr sleep it, and with no blm.. I say RUN.. as they run they agro crawlers and exorays.. I've done my job... let them die now.. I d/c. annoyingly the elemental musta caught me up because when I came back I was dead

bah get to party and leader has afk longtime.

helping mishaii unlock blade:ku. congrats :D

look at the log. I was so badly sneaked.. and I still got sound agro.. go figure

random soli #2 (look at me trying to form a party.. nobody fucking replies.. gay muffins..)

see if u can spot what was said

Loo claimed :D

and I'm too fucking afriad to melle it XD like hell I'm giving that thing TP...
or stealing hate with /war

Golden Chocobo <found it!>

more proof. *writes deadys name down*

lack of mages, so rather than kill tier1 jailers, we went after pop sets for tier2 jailers (whatever that means) basically.. kill aern PH, and get Aern NM

short little update since I uploaded pictures already :P

first time I ever went to thief knife camp.. remind to reset hate before I go there next time

first ever wipe to omega ; ; gun pods raped everyone. ppl said the blms missed the gun pods, but I dunno.. i was too busy trying to darkness rape omega :/

KA.. RMT held a crab for like 5 mins and we had to sit through 2 sets of repops.. so our entire allaince claimed all the crabs we could and afk.. I ate some cereal for breakfast btw..

what's even more beautiful is that we got claim! (enevel was it?)

getting drop just made my week. fuck rmt in 3 different holes today t(^.^

big update now Oo
best dynamis I've been to in a long time. as good for me as the last gollum dynamis

KA is becoming a bit of a joke now.. u cant go there without people holding the knight crabs. fear the bad engrish of tge [GM] who doesn't seem to notice the 30 odd gil sellers botting KA..

Excellence shout for members? lol :roll:

why do I even bother to melle scorpians.. all the they is build TP and then do gay AoE

sirslap the nin didnt tank it in the end.. in the end the thf and the brd duod it. hats off to them both, /salute smils and sperritt

I'm not the only person who fears for his beloved childhood memories D:!

I started going ballista again.. my invincible plan of drk/sam bind and spam sleep bolts failed at the first hurdle... namely my sleep bolts miss with capped crossbow and +60 Racc... waste of effort, so I was wasting my time there

just after this twiz admitted that I'm in fact so sexy, I turned him gay

on drk I have capped out scythe, great sword, marksmanship and enfeebling magic. STILL not god enough, so I moved on to club.. still need to do axe aswell though D:

when ur fight with such weak ass warp cudgels that mobs take 10minutes to die, u have to be glad you can sleep and bind shit. <3 drk

even more so here O_o we linked like 6 crabs at the same time D: breese didnt have any shadows and ended up dying ; ; other monk and I managed to survive this. had to take out my scythe :x

twiz gave me a tell that he wanted to skill up so he can use a mistelmitten or w/e it's called.. he says "/c twiz" so I do it expecting to see some godly MAGE club.. instead he...


so here we are at DL. 300% tp on my scythe ready to get in the way! booo yaa...

OR NOT :D <3 ya andy and twiz m(_ _)m

mwahah. been waiting for this. 2 brds, 2 drks
soulvoice march x2 + haste (+soulvoice minuet)
was it minuet? I forget

still.. it's not that important anymore :twisted:

tyrone and me went absolutely ballistic on his ass! I've gotta get my parser workng next time XD
and to think I tried to fraps this for a whole 1 second...

lol I know I'm just posting the log, but HOT damn look at us go XD
I was spmming my 2hr+souleater macro.. I coulcn't tell it was running till I saw the purple numbers :P

skill-up >:D

did I mention thats drks rock? fuck emo!

lol.. and then it all wore off.. started whacking him for 0 dmg ^^;;

and then he promptly killed us D:

sadly wipe at 4% ; ; still a fun night imo :P maybe we will have 3 drks next time? I dunno :P

more update :P

just thought that was funny. whm had 1hp when weakned XD wonder how much onvert hp to mp gear he had on X_+

couldnt convince this rmt to come exp with me; ;


everyone went mental exping.. so I go hunting for new spots.. I find one.. and in my absent minded "pull everything and KILL! state of mind" I find an NM

a hard nm..

lol. I agrod ppl >:D

'absorb-tp is a llot off fun :D

'getting agro isn't fun >.>

exping again.. we finally get to camp after like 30mins fighting our way there.. and BRD has to bolt because of Hydra

incase u dont know what Hydra looks like, enjoy my HQ picture of him

red is in season ^^v

soo many JAs now :o

he looked like an rmt to me...

lol nice.. player wins!

did I mention that I love this spell?

worst dynamis ever.. all we got was these stupid attesations.. so what if tyrone can do scourge now..

sme guys still think the plastron is cool.. most ppl realise it's a pointless waste of effort. it's like wearing suicide..

all the blus look like little transexual prostitutes... I want to lvl blu now..


omega heart dropped!!
homan body !!?!?

not for me... I'm still lacking this and algol

so we went to cerberus. notice the chat log. raffy was doubting that they would all die at 25%... and then a second later she believed me.. :roll:

pretty solid fight if u haven't got ur momentum going

impeccable, legacy and excellence all wiped to this thing...

and then nibel came along to get it.. mr relic shield himself..

me and titanum could only watch as they calmly destroyed cerberus..

they said an algol didn't drop... but I'm sure this guy didn't have one before..

fucking alchemy...

lvl 94 and the best thing I can do is this... big whoopee facking dooo..

Apocalypse Nigh...
fight the 2 zilart brothers at the same time, cept the younger one is jacked up bIG time.. he never stops moving so without chainspell stun u have to kill him hard and kill him FAST
luckily spiral hell dropped him half his hp xD

but half dead, isn't dead and that gives him time to terrorize everyone.. we used a COR to recharge all our 2hrs. I think we should do this on DL to give drks+kc a 2nd round.. I'm sure I mentioned it before

anywya blu, drk, blm, blm, nin, smn is what won it for us. still died once..

2nd time with that group we got the kid down and managed to finish off his brother.. ethereal earring here I come :P (such a crap earring though)

lol how many of u guys see this?
I like doing this even if nobody ever checks it :P

yay for the shitty earing... if I take 300dmg, I get 3mp now.. WOO!!!

best brd ever.. keeping the plds and blus happy mid fight ^^v

got bored since warp taru went again.. "Ispy"

YAY! Orcish got his wings!

I got there just in time to get title ^^;

and then we outclaimed him ^^ no drop ;(

I dont like it :blink:

maybe I do...

wtf is "Ill wind" it did it 3 times in a row and nearly killed us X_x

i claimed simurgh! (apparently it was red to varista so fuck him) Yaya

much <3


tememos (limbus) zone with the boxes that pop avatars.. everyone is scared of these.. but actually. it's just easy as hell to stun them.. they only do 1 ja (their 2hr) and it's about 50% and then it's slow cast anyway :P

bad day for KA.. I invite icejuly for fun, and she tried to d2 me (duh).. but she fucks up and tries to d2 herself.. (Id already dropped long before that)

but then just as I was starting to enjoy myself.. she holds a crab for 30mins.. I'd actually called a [GM] before hand, to time it.. because this happens everyday.

HOLY CRAP! A GM WHILE THEY ARE HOLDING CRABS... I coulda fucking punched that dumb ass gm then..

was well pissed off.. doubt he got this >.>

because this guy replied and treated it like a normal GM call.. given up by then >.>

it seems everytime I update gallery I put tigz in here xD


urgh.. only person who got drops was the one who died most ; ; lvl74 ftw D:

we died together.. who says emo cant be romantic?

zerugi and solo light.. show off >.>

bet he couldnt do that though!!

same day though. lag killed me.. massive lag spike stopped me from moving while fighting 2 eyes.. I died some horibly obscure place, so I decided to move my corpse to the zone..

RMT twins..

just stay away from gulks if ur a mithra.. AHH GAWdd
*covers tigzzizi*

glad u like them raffy =3
I put u in the last one this time :P

feels a bit soon for another update, but I got this program called wardrobe and I couldnt resist... basically it lets u change ur race and style freely without .dat editing

:lol: hilarity ensues

the freaks always come out at night..

they NEVER stop!!!

"hello boys"

rawr you can only have one... choose wisely ~.^

encore broke and a new army of fags jumped into the hnm scene..
lets hope they drown..

RAWR! [GM]s need to hump too

allllll niiiighhhttt lonnnnnngggg~

about me stunning the celestial avatars and their two hours...
yeah...I think I got a little over confident.. not as easy as it looks..

I hump noobs.. and they <3 it

how about some grrl on grrl action?

maybe I'm just a big perv? hmmm

raffy that picture of you touching deadys butt is so HOT!
those child like tarutaru do it for me everytime :blink:

not a paticularly good update tbh.. not really done anything interesting last week or two :/

did a short enm bugbear and I got the thing I once spent 2 months trying to get... but I guess technically this is the LSs one, but we should form a run for Ouryu Cometh :P

screwing around with wardrobe and I noticed that as a mithra, I couldnt attach my hume RSE.. !!!! DING! maybe it works the other way round and I can equip taru RSE ?!?!

unfortunately no *_* so close though :P
it just doesn't attach.. refuses to. maybe it's more to do with the shape of the design.. :/

still had plenty of pappiliions left, so I chucked them on my guillotine macro :P

tigz rocks! official!

raffy talking to herself :oops:

"YouU fucked up my KERTinG!"

I managed to convince this party that I was a girl (quite easily tbh) and then they were all sweet to me.. of the pains of being a woman...
*no sympathy*

pretty random lol.. wonder is "Totti" was coming ont o me? YEP I'm just that sexxyy... /doubt

what I said to zeru says it all..moments like this bug the hell outta me

*lordandys smithing skill lowers 0.3 points"



pimp slap your ass
I'm the fucking juggernaut biach

zeru always gets all emo when he sees somthing like this... but besides that, he OWNS this person AND is an inch from stage 5.. he just needs attesation

lolbesieged charm-ga..
lvl5 undead is easily the worst one

lol.. found her.. :roll:

ruined my look for me ; ;

1 FUCKING % and we run out of time..
anything could killed 1%..
that's one less omega run now >_<
we spent so long farting around on the earlier areas, and ran out of time here when it counted..

we were lacking a nin for exp.. thought I'd try and provoke knida into coming.. :?

damned...manthra...and...sexy...pants.. :shock:

drk/war + dynamis = deathhhhhhhhhhhhh

my emo brother ; ;
we died together ; ;


mandatory tigziziz piczizi

lolgenbu vs blms = 3x the length the fight used to be

johnnyr was stupid enough to ruin my SATA by turning the mob...so I sata him to teach him a lesson.. grrr

now two things..1. I had been having sooo much lag in sky that none of my armour changed appearence...so I ended up doing <ground strike> with my scythe..weird, but uniquely cool :P
and 2. it does really look like I'm having some fun behind Chillen :roll:


drk/nin is THE new way to tank :D
tanked this mob full out, and still did tons of dmg, while taking no hits ^^b

I know you probably dont care, but I'm well proud of this :D


BRD is such a busy job lol. I dunno why deady can play half assed and still be good.. guess it's cause he can watch shit on his laptop

I knew I shouldn't have put that bannana in my pants...


fuckimg worm in the middle of the damned room! took me 5minutes just to kill the thing >_<!!!!

damned jps.. they fail so hard, and then they go "oro? leave disband party why?"

first one I've seen.. yeah it's hot, but I still dont want it :P
but maybe I'm just saying that because I cant get one ^^;
you'll never know :P

just standing in Al zhabi and this happens.. my exploits are legendary xD

awww I know you <3 me too lol. atleast you replied :D
nobody else gets any free love tonight now! go talk to that taru or some shit

bit soon for another update, but I had both a tragic and fantastic dynamis. fucking ambivilance

I'd like to blame raffleshia for everything dumb I ever did.. wasted 10mins running by foot to camp because of her >.>


I went lvl5 besieged as my brd.. and I promptly agrod a big scary looking NM

everyone hates elvaans really.. not just gulks

this is where the tragedy started.. both Lordandy and Tyrone come to Dynamis religiously.. NEVER miss an event.. andy gets banned, and tyrone is awol.. nin body drops

and then drk body too :o

old memories lol.. full af for my drk

4/5 for my drk. so very close...and I'm next in line for helm..... I think.. there was some drg who had a 72 drk, and wanted af.. he now has more points than me or some shit.. but GAWD he'd be a jerk to do that lol..came back after a fucking year or somthing, and now wants drk af :/

I afkd with it on just to test it out.. maybe 30 ppl checked me that night O_O and woke up with this kid on my leg..


lol.. those imps.. and their funny funny exp xD

LLLLLLLLLLLlol raffy. dont get technical on me


because of constant bitching from raffy, have a rushed and shitty update

not strictly an ingame shot, but this is what I get upto during dynamis ^^
way more fun than.. dare I say it.. actually FIGHTING

OMG tswewong and his 1.5billiions of gilz and the NQ staff?!?!?

all those paladins, and I still end up tanking...
*listens to cowboy bebop OST* love this shit *dance*

didn't work ^^
my family will never R.I.P :x

lol started castin tele-mea, and then invited caol.. so well u can guess what happened.. ^^b funny

well he was taking the piss lol :roll:

*rolls out*

NUuu I wANT *tries to mug Dyn* SHIT!

there, you're both making a very special guest appearance in this gallery :P

hey... fucking jps right.. why the hell do I even consider helping them


EEK once again in my "pull everything in sight" state of mind, I pull a nm ^^;

I didn't really need a comment on my brd.. but I hardly got 6k, so no payback today..

ok I'm gonna post this, but if nobody is even here to SEE this, then I guess I'll stop

just did my first ultima last night :D
lots of fun but it got expensive and I died a lot..

after limbus Soli reminded me of what fun we used to have doing the Crawlers Nest escort mission. It's pretty accurate

I'm never gonna get my hands on that KC. *goes off to scheme in his lair*

and this guy... the guy manages to get intimidated by his gimp mule is the one with a KC :( damn pld/drk

for the first time EVER dcing during a wipe actually saved my life :D
however u cant say I ran off, because I distinctly remember raping an orc before this :roll:

*goshtins asking obvious questions skill rises 0.3 points*

and there we are. my first proto-ultima. now ppl are scared of ultima because he likes to do a lot of nasty things.. basically AoE massive dispelga, terrorizega at the same time, he actually does some nasty directional AoE, and he has his "super move" which can one shot anything IN THE ENTIRE ROOM!

this is us all terrorized with our RR debuffed.. kinda annoying.. I used 6 charges that night on gorget, but only used 1 to RR..

well this is the "rape everything in the room" attack. why am I there alone? didn't I mention that...
WELL when he starts his 30second countdown, he will constantly draw in 1 person... the person with most hate... which is often me.. (even with /nin)
it is then that guys responsibility to stay in the middle of the room, while everyone runs away.. I was lucky enough to be first to "take one for the team"

it's pretty annoying how you simply CANNOT survive it

he didnt have much chance either..when he started spamming this move, fight got a little hard

we kinda started throwing bodies at it.. nins werent holding hate too well either..

just lucky for them, that I'm so impossible awsome ^^b
shitty drops though

same thing used to happen to me corv :P used to wear Crimson fng gauntlets, which made me utterly useless in dynamis xarc..
Oh well..

got bored on brd.. I'm in caedavrea mire, but everyone else is in aht urghan.. SOoo they catch the boat lol..


did u know u can cure a mob and not draw hate? it has no effect.. so I wonder if I can do that to a NM or somthing just for funzies ^^?


and left me a sweeett chobobo :D

I need to lvl drg.. I dont think I'm gonna enjoy this big flying rat thing..

my first time doing under observation :D

the ninjutsu wheel takes up a lot of room o_O


still didn't save him
"HEY! you cant kill me! I'm 1337! doh.."

it's like someone parked an SUV next to my Porche.. :P

gtfo o_O

I got a bit lazy, so this will be a BIG ass update O_o

was hopinh to do it while on airship to kazham to FINALLY get marzurka.. but lo and behold it was cheaprer in jeuno AH after all


2 of these dropped in 1 run.. it was a pretty sick beauc run tbh

loldrk? loldrk just killed ur chimp ass madhybrid..

urgh... maybe I deserved that..
sata drk ftl..

back in sea.. thought I'd try and get me a snow gorget to improve guillotine.. as u can see here, clearly I pwn because I handled a link from one of these mofos without taking dmg ^^b need 5 aern organs

got a bit bored.. thought I'd try and solo SC.. still too slow >_<

but I need 10 stingray organs... TEN fing organs.. even the late and great steve irwin cant beat one of these things.. I managed to solo a few, but DAMN I had to zone a few times..
so after about 3hrs farming I have 1/5 aern and 0/10 phaubo organs..
so fuck that..

I was only DD in limbus last week.. unless u wanna include the pld and the rdm.. I did SC with the pld doing darkness though.. more than enough BLMS for mb..when pld died I took over tanking for a bit.. whats FUNNY is that I didn't get hit, but then I kept missing the mob.. and being only DD everyone saw me miss.. all this gear and I still miss like a fool >_<

lol gil hnms..
only ppl who ever go are RMT.. they got overlord bangock btw..

so I joined PD.. needed some sense of moving forward in this game.. claimed B

dead B.. seriously.. they did it in a few seconds..

going to lolsky..I've never died in ro meave like this before.. arcane circle and evasion gear usually handle it.. but today was the first.. AND last time I died there :roll:

hmm.. where do I sit...under the sexy brd hume, or with the big papa galka..


I /war.. I wanted to build TP fast, but without the need for meditate..
still cant stun the guy, but absorb-tp works for about 20-30tp a shot, and it works quite often :wink:

nigga stole my osode (grats you chode)

yeah.. everyone pose for a ls SS..

going back to BD, and Texas got agro by a rock.. he got bound for like 3 minutes. corvis had to come rescue him

stanislav in pd..
just kinda felt weird fighting against someone with such pimp

man of the hour!

and he got there with fishing o_O

someones in the wrong place ^^;;

YES fing sword I paid 400k for, for JUST one single floor FINALLY worked
took 3 months to actually use it, but YES it works!! MWhaah


but holy crap none the less..

hmmm? when did she die..

ahh.. right...

whew big update, hope u enjoy it, or I'm sorry for wasting away your precious minutes :twisted:

ffs.. this is gonna take me ages.. 10 images at a time ffs..

grr why does it have to 10 at a time >_<

I have serious anger managemtne issues lol.. I'm always yelling at somthing...

big update again sorry ^^;;

highest chain I've managed.. we just ran out of mobs, and even with me on brd.. just couldnt find anymre ; ;

I offered to help jyuny with somthing (which sparked the whole signature thing I think) but I wasted over 20 mins going to the wrong place >.>

remember when chocobo breeding was cool? no. nor do I...

fucking beggers...

Dragons Aer camping fafnir.. guess legacy cant deny they bot anymore...

holy crap nidhogg claim! and I;d never even fought fafnir before lol.. still I was on brd.. not much thought involved.. but with me on brd..

we lacked melle for SC.. juse before raging we tried to relog to cancel it out.. but kept getting raped by wing while trying to recover.. bloody shame tbh..

yeah sorry ur party sucks, not blaming you but ffs.. dont get angry at me...

tone was like "lol I'm undefeated, so we were gonna fight... we went back and forth for the ENTIRE match.. seriously we just couldnt get one over the other.. enough times he's slept or bound me just as I was about to guillotine..

he eventually got the better of me (but kinda lost momentum when he d/c) I was running out of mp, and all that bloody fast cast he had..

another drk.. bette gear... smithing.. why do I bother..

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whaa thats all lv75 drk pics!

oh and.. might wanna seperate those into like... 30-50 pics a page instead of trying all at once :P

Even your computer might die trying to load it! :p

or upload each individually into thumbnail mode so it actually loads haha
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lol.. eveyrone dies and its upto me to tank ^^;

grats on afv2 helm zeru!!

poor soul didnt stand a chance against such seasoned gang rapers

lol dead drg.. nice noob called a raise though ^^; never got one

woo af+1 gloves! and now I'm done with drk af+1..

I dont even know what I said..

tried to take a SS of tenzen fight.. but I had a KC and it was over kinda quick ^^;

how do I look ^^b

random 4chan humour before dynamis.. dunno why it's just seriously lol.. dont ever go there though.. seriously..

damned zeru confused me lol

I love this ridge :)
way too fun to go up here and pretend you're king :D

lol poor tyrone comes back to to play with his old friends.. and yell at me ._.

I wants.. but not likely :(

4 crits ina row! okay it was a too weak.. but still yay!

free tele for being a man whore! woot!

fuscking taru didnt give me the bastok option..


mandatory tigzizi picziziz just got naughty o_O

omega again.. no heart :( still 2nd in line for homam body.. another run on monday :D

bugger.. I just remembe that I had a lot of images on my laptop too..
soo these dont follow a cronilogical order anymore, but I dont think it'll be noticable

soo anyway.. I finsihed my relic scythe today...

decided to finally breed the guy... I've not seen him OR collected the egg since I bred them.. atleast 2 weeks ago >.>
can the egg die and the chobo run away?

everyones favorite guy is back. guess who?

thf rocks.. taking out Toughs without even trying

thf rocks.. taking out 2 mobs without sleeping either...

random deady..

sea was the only place left to escape from the hoardes of RMT running amok on the world...now they are selling jailer drops.. which are VERY saught after and very few LSs even bother to fight... my limbus shell hasn't fought them yet, and probably wont unless we get massive numbers

NIDHOGG! QUiCk GET Int tHE Car and Get me EbODY

from the dunes to the sky
rubbing up against my thigh
the tarus have their own way...
a way of saying "hi" ~

JOHNNY 5 IS ALIVE!!! <3 HIm if I see him again I'm gonna plv him :D

SUCK IT B! die to the drk wings!!

3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-53-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-53-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-53-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-53-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5 >_<

even hidng in your mog house wont save you from noobs

me and redge.. owning sea DRK style! *rawr*

redge was new to farming organs, so lol this was a funny monent.. read it all from start to end and imagine how that musta looked ^^;

NO my bid of 0 gil failed



I never got these two to fit in 1 macro in the end ; ; ended up deleting both my "head butts a wall macro" and my "weapon-bash" one.. NEITHER ever helped anyone..

trying to buy stuff off jps is a pain.. guy said I had nice gear though :P

okay.. so if RMT can do this.. surely I can too..

or maybe I'll just give in... they seem like they are open to haggling :/

teasing tarus for kicks :)

wtf raffle?

you can see just how hard I was exping.. 3 pictures at the same camp.. WELL I NEVER!


yeahhhhhhhhh..........this update sucks

but the ingame update rocked ^^b /sam my new favorite subjob :D

I'm not great at time conversions

note to self: "dont WS anything that can do hundred-fists"


okay ladies and gents
first proper update in a while
joy to those in FUSE who get their first proper update,
but cry for those in amov who lost the gallery from it's very first picture, so can never relive those great moments again (like that first ballista? I lold..) but maybe it can be salvaged.. I dunno..

(and and impeecabble too.. fags..)

I like to make a habbit of calling people by their original names.. so Tyrone will always be andy to me.. and I often forget that :(

oh if only I was on my drk.. I woulda zerged them all.. you know I woulda.. :roll:

I think the other LSs are getting a bit desperate :?

bah fucking NQ, but a nice pic so I kept it :)

claaaaaaaaaimm bottttttttttt

this ones for soli. does what happened make more sense now? that BST already knew what I was gonna ask, before I even said it o_O

remeber the oh so fun and laid back guy from that dunes party waide? :P

I didn't raise him for 20minutes.. he hadn't EARNED IT.. fucking fisherman gear.. :x

but he still lent me osode <3 and yeah I looked gooodd in that :)


congrats seren! first niddy and a hot drop to start us off! so next ebody is mine if andy and prime and like 9 other people dont show up?


wiping in dynamis but I...yeah... better wait it out and see what happens ^^;

yeah yeah.. you're gonna regret that woman... *readies the fucking cane bitches*

/sigh samurais and all their bitchng to SE resulted in absorb-tp being gimped. maybe it's just me, but I cant get the hang of timing when I /sam and open the fight WITH a ws..

RA RA RA!!! (undead lvl6 was suprisingly fun) :)

more random 4chan humour :P

drks dont need that much homan.. even I'm offended.. cape is nice though :?

I shoulda waited for deady to have mp before we started this fight ^^;


you must die for the greater good.. ie... my drops..


sorry raffly, I was putting off impecc update literally because of that 10 posts thing.. annoys me to no end..

sorry :x

hay guyz wots goin on lawl?
just had a blast in sea with my good ol buddy AV

enjoy :)


make love not war(craft)

I think I killed this.. not sure tbh

revenge for taking my baleoce from me!


goshtin >>> well it was there a second ago..
party >>> yeah gosh... right...
goshtin >>> I'M NOT CRAZY!!

drk/sam is the new tp monster


he's wanted this for WEEKS so he earns a SS :P


dont try trading ur hourglass to this.. vanguard goblin thingy guy <no thanks>


Absolute Virtue is (at present) considered the hardest nm in the game. takes a lot of time to pop, and then it may not even show.. long story short.. watching rmt beat this is gonna make a lot of people emo.. only beaten on a handful of servers due to glitches.. they fucking deserve to die...

so cue the mpk attempt with the handy dandy UFO NMs.. dont depop so quite happily stomp on taru blms :P

didnt work.. their nin pulled it away :(

using a lvl1 character to keep claim, and that wasnt even working

great here we go again... blms perfect time nuke.. oh joy..


died in valour!



it was just a joke! ur not FaTttttttt!!!
(note the 13 fucking anticipations.. all from 1 seiegn+ third eye)

gimme a sec lol, doing the new update :P

as agreed raffyy
1 gallery update
*puts raffy in his pocket*

bought sommore pics back form uni, so have sommore :)

no sense of fucking humour.. thank god he's playing gears of war now :P

it's always a fucking red light with ultima.. damned terrorize..

I know they were easy prey mobs, but still laughing my ass off xD

I know cahlum and tigs already won, so these are a bit late, nONE THE LESS!

we suck :roll:

but hey! atleast I've never lost to Tenzen.. like 5 times I've whooped his meditating ass

/sam is good.. it got me all the way to camp... but I'm not fuckign invinsible >_<

although! I can solo an imp if need be! :D
but not the 2nd imp that agros immediately after D:

I'm posting this on KI.. all richardd is good for lol


not the most interesting picture?
you shoulda heard this guy on vent..

IMAGE 800!
it's most likely his watch was just fast, but this was more fun :)


pretty poor update imo
still, :/

hai guyz wots goin on lawl! I'm baleryouuoyosoceoakyoboobob :D

zeru finds my brd humourous... I'll show him...

wtf is this shit! double resist.... I've slept these things before... I know I have >_<

gayest jailer ever.. fing hard to hurt.. full drops though :D

you see why I didn't wanna form party myself now balery?

lol redge..
and you thought alien vs predator was good >.>

another celebrity amov person makes their appearence.... we salute you Lodown!!

haha right.. you just linked 4 pugils.. ur a fing hero..

I cant straight tank for very long as a /sam!! SERISuly cure me next time tigs >.>

okay! there are atleast TEN images here this time raffley.. so dont u slap me ever again


I logged on today.. and there were 3 loldrgs lfp.. not to mention all the NORMAL melle..but tbh.. drg is a good DD.. does way more dmg than I was expecting :roll:

wtf do nins deserve that for? I should lvl ninja.. that's just too hot..

right... we.. er.. really bad picture.. fuck it

ran past johnnyrr and yelled at him for not waving.. then I ran in to "wave".. AWKWARD...


HOLY CRAP NO LOLBRD FOR ONE SINGLE.. fuck we didn't claim..

I lold.. you lold.. we all lold tbh... :wink:

yeah.. come exp with us gosh on brd... WTF

lol good luck with that bucko.. wasn't balery ripping ppl off by pretending to be the warp taru?

random old photo.. I got so much lag one time I got stuck in tele transit for well over a RL hour.. gave up and came back later on that day lol..by then I'd forgotton what I wasgoing to do ^^;

whole extra post because of one smegging picture >.>

not much been happening recently.. bear with me :/

wtf is this golden algol shit? it looks better than the regular, and it's SHINEY

me and gattz were gonna diorama.. he's one of the most pimped drks on the server

so he went drk/sam and I went drk/whm... UNFORTUNATLY we never had a clean 1 on 1.. just when I was absorb tping for the kill hit in one round, a mnk came out of nowhere and clobbered me ; ;

on this limbus floor, I ALWAYS end up tanking this guy :D and its FUN too lol

never give out your password with offers of free butt secks


morons fucking the price up.. so not worth the effort but I want it to be ; ;

I'm next :D!!

rejoined final dynasty :D
seems to be a lot easier to pull hate in this shell tbh... I died atleast 6 times

I'm doing far too much dmg :3

git got away with me not killing him lol. guy said in ls "hey i'm charmed lol" and then everyone targets him ^^;

still.. nearly finished my relic now.. *coughes*

pwnt again :D

lol drgs comforting one another as they LFP..

quite literally the best shout I've ever seen..

and then all of bastok wiggied out :D

this guy sends me tell
guy> "excuse me"
me> "if you want gil, go fuck yourself"
guy> "err Im actually lost, can I follow u back to kazham please?"
me> oh sure

*cue fun as I train everything from OP to kazham*

not done that in a LLLLLLONG time :D

right by zone... and he manages ti due anyway >_<

lol.. he has NO idea :3


hey for a lvl 31.. can u deny that aint nice?

say macros ftl

still.. this RMTs exp bot fucked up...


proof for the waffleshia that I did NOT see her wave

this was our rdm lol.. did his job well so w/e gear proves nothing anyway ..

in some cases anyway :D!!!

sadly, it's not nearly that powerful.. it hasnt worked once for me yet, and right now deady is lolering at me in /tell ; ;

Algol <can I have it?>

got sommore :3

lol diablos?
right? RIGHT?
drk/nin, drk/war, nin/drk, rdm/drk, blu/nin, nin/drk
how much more stun does a party need?

well not so much stunning as it needs ppl to listen to the plan..
opening the fight with astral flow is NOT helping...

like 0/5 on this now.. tbh this was our best chance but we weren't doing enough dmg early on... we had astral flow, chain stun AND a kc to play with :(

on the plus side I forgot to give back the KC, and took the next morning to play with it xD lolhomam+ brutal + KC = Wooo?

actually no... figt took ages and I nearly died lol.. KC is for show.. not for using

all those idiot RMT got lost otw to sky...

like 80ppl in DA that day, and we still claimed :D keep it up :3

nothing special. I was bored so helped cicent get a BB item.

I like this voke macro xD 2 lines ftw :D

WTF THF! why was I doing 1st voke as a drg/war WHEN YOU ARENT EVEN USING TA!!?

look who I ran into... my old nemesis.. it's beaten my drk flat out even with 2hr.. it's beaten my ranged attack ready nin...

but my sam/thf beat it comfortably :) (ignore the npc btw) :x

mwahah.. comment of the day lol *winks*


IDIOTS.. it's down to like 2k nwo.. all those ppl chasing the Kraken club bcnm

0/4 myself ; ; running out of seals now >_<

lol.. dinged just intime for someone to attack a lizzie and get him killed ; ;

first fight and we end up fighting 2 ccrawlers. alll the melle 2hrd lol. MASSIVE fun fight. me and the other sam 2hrd together annoyingly (by accident) and kept messing each other up... killed one but the 2nd cleaned us off

I'm just a dirtty old man lol :oops:

been a week or two, not much going on :P ben awol tbh

I come back to find Soli has messed with my sig...charming..

.dat editing ftw! Summoner Tigster <found it!>

also took the time to finally fix my own avatars... though fixing it lags me to death, so it's not really practical after all ; ;

I unlocked BLU..and he took somthing.. but hell if I know what he took >.>

yeah these big moth thngs are true sight btw >.>

first normal ballista in a LONG TIME.. I went drk/sam... so...yeah...
I was the basterd that was raping just about everyone around xD.. but with seigen+third eye I could hold people off until back up came anyway :P

but I ended up sandorian ._.

you see this.. it looks like we are running around this dead...taru...paladin...
actually no.. it just took us 30 seconds to kill him... and he didn't 2hr.. sentinel is massively powerful now..

/em fails to narrowly escape impending doom :(

oh look who it is >.> I didn't wanna fight them again as much as they didn't want to be fought..

boxers mantel! pimp that evasion time!

see I dont look like a drk anymore.. but how does a whm look like a drg..srsly.. o_O?

got some help. brd (CP) was skilling up so he gave me refresh and mambo, and tibs was on thf so gave me TH2 (lets disregard the dmg he *tried* to do) :D

eventually tibs got bored and changed to rdm.. rdm/war + drk/nin = <impossible to gauge>

sadly I was eventually alone.. some fights were massively hard...

others weren't so ^^b
5/5 aern
4/10 stingray
0/1 ufo

watch this space :P

lOOOOOOOOONG update :3

finally finished farming this things.. I just need the ufo organ now >_<

"like fuck I'm going near ninjas.. everyone else alWAYS WS!"

*Goshtin readies guillotine*
lol.. srsly this was my fault xD


hours of fun molesting afk fishing mules :3

me and 3 monks.. thank god this balta didn't happen :o

HAI GUYZ! (I still killed plenty of ppl but I couldnt handle gangs) :(

lolpup xD

WOOT now I can make self sufficient monies! right?!

damn those generels rock.. even though he is wearing my algol :/

lol what a pussy.. so afraid of taking hate as a thf, that he bitches everytime he misses TA on me

so close >_<

how does that aoe still hit me ; ;

alllrighty.. me vs 3 decent challenge qudav..

technically I won.. but...meh ; ;

blu is kinda fun :3


well... atleast... it's HQ... ._.

5/5 >:p


this..was meant to change my game.. buttt 4 on the ah, and they wont sell.. ppl keep undercutting me ; ;
I'm gonna log in and change their value now :/

....no I'm not :roll:
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lol gulks.. few things
1: these were all posted over a period of about 3 years on my 1st LSs forum..
over 1000 pictures in this format X_x
2: if I coulda page broke them, I woulda rather known that earlier lol, but they do all load eventually
3: yes this is all 75drk+ now lol, but so much more becomes available
4: you're in a whole bunch of these lol :P

still, I just hope that some ppl on this forum find their way around all the lag, and enjoy it. because everyone who appears in the gallery tends to enjoy it. if ur in hades just tell me lol, and I'll throw u in next update :P
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Rina Refine
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u need something called a blog,
and u need to a single number of pics on one date, so it can be called a diary^^

...and u can get a new merit ability called "connection eater"
it works when u upload so much pictures into one single post that everyone's connection gets eaten and then u can use the lag to ur advantage >_<
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Looks like some of'em are your mithra stalker pics.. BAD goshtin BAD!
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I learned from the best about the stalking, but I did warn about the lag o_O
as soon as this gets bumped to a 2nd page this will be all the more easier. :)

but I do see ur point about stalking mithras gulks.. I love the way rdms are on my screen now *RAWR*
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Holy shit this thread almost crashed my Cable Internet on a 2GB RAM PC.

Perhaps thumbnails would be a little better? x.x
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if we can just force it through to page 2, then we wont need to think about it anymore x_x
but page 1 is for those who're interested..
I've always done it in this format, and it's worked before ; ;
but like this it's come out on 1 page instead of 13 ^^;
I'm once again sorry
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Ahhh, too many pics on the same page!
...So, do you have any older pics of me in there?
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there might have ben, but i'm not gonna go through the 1000+ images I've got just to see if I can spot u in the background ._.
I have next update ready too, but I need this to bump to 2nd page or I wont update it
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*bumpty bumpty*
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and more
ppl on other forum got to page2, and they want the update
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you guys got a lot more hits than there, but less posts.. so go figure.. ^^;
weren't the pics of Gulkeevas pants enough?
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isn't that enough porn for you guys ^^;
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how's that? everytime I see mithras like this, I get kinda smiley. :shock:

when I get home, I'll post theese in dat section tbh. they're done by some popular guy apparently, I forget
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oKAY page 2 finally update time!
first off... baleoces cock....

no srsly..

but he does make a fairly cute rdm :D

there's always 1 jerk off who thinks he's being clever... and then the rest of Aht Urghan disagree with him

it's a glitch in the matix..

it happens when they dont have enough memory..

crap drops boo! I need meian to get body and go "ZOMG THIS iz THe PNwARZ!" to motivate me to lvl blu more

rather shitty end to FUSE.. I never got a single thing from it.. passed on Nhead, in hopes of Ebody... right back where I started

I'm having a fun time with blu though, and I'm just screwing around at the low levels :D

utter basterd.. bal came and raised me, and then I fucking ripped him apart.. apparently bal never cured me once.. I just straight tanked him, and ripped his face off..

a lot of these pics are of me dead...but there woudl be more if I wasn't so good at running away :P

stupid cow..


my moghouse sucks compared to tigziszis ; ;

I was getting kinda arrogant about my soling ability
but not against 2 >.>

I want my UFO organ so bad, I accidently on purpose agrod a UFO.. we killed it and then 2 fuckers went and lotted over me..been sitting on these snow gorget pieces for like a month and nobody can help me get the FUcking GORGET ARFH!
and then when I FINALLY do... some other morons lot aswell!

on 3... we RAEP....


2 drks + KCs = BOW CHICA WOW WOW

bow chica wow wow ^^;

@10% and everyones healthy.. no worries right?

WRONG.. even Priche is dead.. I woulda fucking raised her but I thought this blm had his 2hr up >_<!!!!

I'm crying insde..
but tbh.. as a whm.. she doesn't need int anyway, so just get some mnd+5 rings and carry on :P

lol wtf am I doing with this?!

I go afk for like 15mins, and I come back... omw to catch upto party I run past THE FUCKING BEAUCIDINE DRAGONS... I SHIT MYSELF.. first time I ever saw them in 2 years..

more to come :P
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next update soner than expected :3

still lving blu. fun farming spells. good sense of satisfaction after :)

kuroshi got the bloody carby mitts eventually :D


everyones slowing down in their old age.. even the simplest things confuse them now

me trying to buy a Jtorque from RMT (yes I know, shame on me...but I want one.. sue me)

sword dropped then they pretended that that's what I had asked for..they work had but they are cheeky little bastrds..

how can u resist?

I make brd manly! RawR

lol.. this gyu.. "lol gosh I'm bored.. you dont take nearly as much dmg as everyone says you do"

I showed him who's boss

yes sirree I made him look the fool!


just a nice shot, decided to add it too :D

I should really stop going near ninja.. ppl are retarded

all the melle died..

but it wasn't all bad

see I got the chance to KC drk the DL again..
so I'm like lalal... I'm going drk/drg with haste+ because if anyone knows how to KC the DL on drk... it MIGHT just be the drk with a KC about to fight the DL...I had to negotiate my march shit, and only got one spell march... and THEN they... they didn't bother to haste me.. they dont deserve to win..they messed up pull too, and blms were miles away.. AND I pulled hate and got killed with SE still running.. utter shambles..

and they were like "why /drg?"

wipe at 30%.. cant expect too much..

me on blu again... killing them orcs..

me on blu still.. being killed by them orcs

FUK he pissed me off at like 9am.. found out he was lying after... but sTILL

urgh at thfs who cant pull.. but wave back instead ._.

looks like an action shot? actually no we all got terrorized :P

brd ultima ftw :P feet and hands drop. but this fight always gets messy around 10%
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You nearly killed my connection, lol. Cable connection. I bet it would absolutely annihilate 56k users... if they still exist... :P I think the title should be more along the lines of... "General Connection Killer." X3
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"This isn't pussy lasertag". I dunno why that made me laugh, but I'm sure it's completely out of context.
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