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Default Firefox

I've been having a small issue with firefox. The issue itself seems to faze in and out. When I try to open firefox it will on some days take an ungodly amount of time to load up while my computer sits completely idle. Then when it's actually running it will intermittently freeze every 10-20 seconds for a few seconds. No other programs are taking up system resources except the basic system programs (task manager, explorer, etc.) Other days I'll start up and it all works completely fine. Internet explorer also works perfectly fine. I've run ad-aware and spybot, both of which I check for updates before I run them, and have removed whatever they pick up. The only thing I haven't run is a full virus scan which I'm reluctant to do only because it takes 3-4 hours to go through my entire system. I Suppose I could do that soon when I'm at finals though.
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Try reinstalling it maybe?
If everything else (The scans etc.) turns up normal, that's all I can suggest.

Or if possible, do a system restore back to a point before this error started happening, as long as it won't mess up anything ^^;

(I did it once and restored passed a FFXI update.. my computer wasn't very happy, needless to say, I had to completely reinstall FFXI :P Everything else came out fine though.)
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before running a full scan be sure to turn off the auto-backup thingy

NOTE: don't worry you can still create a restore point manually when you need/want to

windows xp and vista use a auto-backup thing which automatically creates a restore point every so often, and when you do a full scan some viruses/worms/stuffs can hide in your backup and wouldn't be removed normally by your virus scanning software. which overtime could effect your computer's performance and slow it down or mess it up.

other causes: computer temperature too high, single processor computers sometimes has these problems with some programs, low ram maybe?, also do you clean your computer about every 2 months or so? (dust can build in your computer causing static electricity or clutter to build on your computer causing it to short circuit or overheat, potentially destroying your computer) even in your power supply, normally the box thing with the fan and the plug (lots of dust builds up in there and normally even if you clean you may skip this part, i know it voids the warrantee but it's also good to take that thing out open it up and use an air compressor to get the dust out of there, or in time something in there will short circuit and destroy it. they don't want you to open it, cause they want it to break eventually so you'll hafto buy a new one $$$ careful if you do open it though, try not to touch anything in there **DO NOT use a paper or normal towel to clean it** use an air compressor, it's much safer)

check for serious worms that disguise themselves as windows operations
(look in task manager to see if there's multiple processes running of the following: csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, or any process really that has multiple of it)
if you find any of these multiple processes it may be worth purchasing a proper Security Center. i recommend McAfee (i've been through many security programs to see what they're like and i like McAfee the best)
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