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Default Afflic or Demon

just got my warlock to 50 so button of talent tree was just wondering should i stick with unstable affliction or get a felguard and try demon?
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Really just a preference of play style. I leveled my lock afflict and loved it, never went more than 5 points into the demo tree. Really gotta chose from your own pocket warrior or more damage and good sustainability. Both specs have a lot of strong points leveling, so you really can't go wrong either way.

Personally, I'd stay afflict though cause they damage is excellent as well as dark pact and life tap/drain life can really just keep you chaining. Although, afflict really requires a decent amount of spell damage gear, which is probably not possible until outlands.
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Stick with afflic till 60. If you want to try demo its better to wait a few lvs since your felgoon won't have any abilities (except taunt I think) + more talent points to fill out the demo tree &/or move into your secondary tree.
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Honestly I leveled my Warlock as Affliction until 40-50ish then switched to Demonology. I've always loved leveling with weird builds though... Leveled Rogue as Hemo, leveled Druid as Balance, leveled Mage as Frost... and now that I'm going to be restarting on the US servers I'm thinking on doing it all over again. :D

Honestly though I say avoid the Felguard until about late 50's to 60 or so but I can't say I've had much experience with them. I just know I loathe every Warlock who has one...
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Affliction is generally the best for leveling, even past 60. You can practically AoE grind by just dotting up a mob, then fearing it and go to the next - however as mentioned before you want to level according to your playstyle. I leveled from 60-70 with Felguard and it has the advantage of being able to be competant in PvP should someone sneak up on you whilst leveling.
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*zomg necro bump*

My god... is lock over powered, did the impossible (for any other class most likely) O_o

You'd think its near impossible with his gear compared to mine... and he got the first shot with arcane shot, while I was fighting a air elemental ... and he's a BM hunter O_o
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