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Default Major PSU update.


Basically the sky is falling, and everyone is in bliss.

Lobby Transport: Players can transport directly to Field Lobbies they have already visited by paying meseta to the Lobby Attendant NPC. This will only work for lobbies you have visited after this update.
You can go to any lobby you've visited before for less than 1k meseta, in a matter of seconds. This gets rid of taxi parties, making low levels happy, and it makes much less work for high levels. It also makes it easy to look for stray parties that you may want to join instead of grinding at the hotspot.

Increased Photon Arts Levels: Photon Arts level limit is currently 30, but Photon Arts can be level 31-40 after AOTI launch.
For the most part, nobody really notices this. At least, not that I've seen. However, there are huge exceptions in cases where non-lv30 caps were raised. For instance, fighgunners now have lv30 xbow bullets, meaning that they have the third bullet when they shoot and lv3 status. Also, guntechers are much more tech oriented now, and wartechers finally have their third combo for two handed melee attacks.

Protranser Gains Detect Traps Ability: Traps, previously only detected by goggles, are now always visible to Protransers. However, goggles are required to uncover and disarm traps.
I don't know any protransers, but I don't see this as major.

Chat Availability: Chat communication becomes available during some event cutscenes, such as boss enemy entrances.
A minor update. You can now spam your favorite text macros at the start and end of boss fights. Or, of course, you can type something useful.

Changes To First Person View And Goggle Activation: This adjustment will cause a delay when switching between normal camera, first-person and goggle viewing modes.
This is supposed to fix a few glitches, which must be a godsend in the 360 servers. You can't glitch guns anymore, which was a major problem just recently.

First-Person View Available While Seated: Now you can get better camera angles while sitting down in rooms and lobbies.
Oh, this reminds me. I have to do another photoshoot with my character.

Increased Synthesis Success and Elemental Attribute Results: Synthesis success rates and elemental attribute results will be higher. The success rate when using rare and unusual materials will be raised even further. In addition, there are more varied results when synthesis fails. To make failure less punishing, synthesis materials related to target item or unusual items may be created.
This is very major, and it is what it sounds like. Weapons take a few hours to synth instead of days, difficult to make weapons are now almost guaranteed to come out, and you have a much higher chance of getting a good stat on your weapon when you make it. If you fail the weapon, you get a semi-useful or fun item.

Weapon Grinding Changes: Weapons no longer break when a grinding upgrade attempt fails. However, grind status will be reset (back to zero) and the maximum number of grinds is lowered by one. For example, the first time you fail when grinding a weapon, its grind status will become 0/9, and it can no longer be ground to +10.
This is major too. With this, you can grind without worrying about losing your weapon. I easily got a pair of daggers to +6, breaking them quite a few times, with lv2 luck and +1 grinders. It's just as difficult to get a +10 weapon, but it's much easier to get a mid-grind weapon now.

Just Attack Available: Just Attack is the melee timed-attack system where critical hits are caused by following up melee attacks with precise timing. Just Attack will work with Skill Photon Arts; players can automatically critical with their whole Photon Art if it is activated after the second part of a normal melee attack. As a result of this, Just Attack will work a maximum of five times continuously (Normal melee attack, followed up with the 2nd and 3rd part of the normal attack chain, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd Photon Art attacks). There is no special effect in PSU for Just Attack (there is a special effect in AOTI), but Attack button icon will become brighter. Due to a unique issue, PSU players cannot activate Just Attack when using Photon Arts after 3rd attack with knuckles, although this will work in AOTI.
This is major as well. You can get guaranteed critical hits if you time your attacks right. This is added to the fact that normal attacks restore PP, critical attacks restore more PP, and PA modifiers have been heavily boosted. Most decent PAs often put out 1k damage per hit, some go as high as 2k a hit. It also makes melee combat that much more fun.

Just Counter Available: Just Counter is a critical counter-attack activated by attacking with precise timing after evading enemies (the shield guard animation). It is possible to use Photon Arts for Just Counter, including Bullet and TECHNIC Photon Arts. There is no special effect in PSU for Just Counter (there is a special effect in AOTI), but Attack button icon becomes brighter.
Same thing, except when you block. Since you rarely block anyway, you won't be able to take advantage of this often. Often when you block, you aren't expecting it, and can't do anything with it anyway. However, it does make blocking less annoying if you expect it, since you can just restart your PA.

Photon Points Will Be Recovered By Normal Melee Attacks: Photon Points of your equipped melee weapon will recharge when attacking normally (without using Photon Arts). Extra PP are recovered with a critical hit.
This makes the very limited amount of PP that melee weapons seem less limited. You can quickly restore enough PP to get out another full PA combo with this, especially if you use just attack to get in critical hits.

Elemental Attribute Calculation Changes: The difference in damage between weapons with different elemental attributes has been reduced. With this update, the damage will be almost the same when using 50% elemental weapons against the correct element, as it was previously. However, players will notice damage is much improved for weapons with low attributes, no attribute, or against creatures with the same attribute as your weapon.
Elemental percentages got a major nerf, and I'm glad it did. Now, a 40% weapon only really boosts your damage by 20%. This means that you don't have to bother making a palette of weapons for a particular area, and you don't have to worry about having high percentile weapons anymore. Not like that last part matters, though, seeing how easy it is to make one now.

Character Damage and Defense Adjusted: Changes are made to characters' base damage and defense to balance the changes with elemental attribute damage calculation.
In other words, our atp, tp, dfp, and mst are heavily boosted. This makes high atp modifying PAs seem much better, and it makes twin weapons much better than two handed weapons. It also makes fights go by much faster, unlike what I've seen before this update (I've used up an entire weapon's PP bar on one enemy, very often). Combat has become, PSOy now.

SUV and Nanoblast Changes: When using SUV weapons and Nanoblasts, CASTs and Beasts will no longer lose any positive status bonuses granted by support TECHNICs and consumables.
Not a huge thing, but it's rather nice not losing your buffs anymore. I believe they messed up and forgot not to use the buffs to calculate your damage, though. I'll have to test that.

Weapons Drop With Elemental Attributes: Attributes will be added with random percentages when whole weapons and armors are dropped. Which attribute is added for actual weapons and armors depends upon the manufacturer.
Makes things more fun. I haven't seen an example of this yet, but I'm glad it's been implemented.

Meseta Drops Increase With Size Of Party: Meseta amount players receive from enemy drops will increase according to number of party members.
The amount of meseta dropped has been heavily boosted. On the lowest level area, with lv1 monsters, while solo, meseta drops were as big as they were before the update in the highest level areas. This makes meseta much easier to come by.

The Default For Item Distribution Is Now "Set Random": This change only affects Rare Item distribution.
We all know we wanted this.

Changes To Meseta Distribution: When "Set random" or "Set in order" is selected on the Adjust item distribution menu, picked up meseta is distributed to all party members evenly. Only the player picking up the meseta will receive it if set to "Give finder".
I haven't actually tested this, and I'm still not sure what meseta counts as. Is meseta a rare item or a common item? Regardless, I think we can all say that this is nice to have.

Photon Arts Balance Update: Some parts of low-power Photon Arts are updated to balance them with high-power Photon Arts. This update will bring more variety to battle by making different Photon Arts more effective.
This confuses me. Many PAs were untouched, making their damage pathetic. Others were boosted heavily, making their damage insane. For instance, the second twin claw PA now has a 200% modifier. PAs were also left alone, making their damage less than impressive.

Updating Endurance For Huge Enemies: To improve attack variation against huge enemies, endurance will be lowered for some parts of huge enemies which are currently affected by high-level status effects. With this update, even low-level status effects become potentially useful against huge enemies, although they will have low probability of working.
I haven't really noticed this, being a hunter. But apparently, lv2 status can work against more threatening monsters, though it takes a while for them to work. But really, it's better to just use melee attacks until it dies anyway.

Enemy Experience Increased: Defeating enemies will grant more experience, especially at lower levels. Players can reach at Level 100 faster then they can currently, but leveling up becomes slower after that.
Just as it says. Leveling is easier now. I got to lv101 in one day from lv100, and low level runs will probably give much more levelups than before.

Changes to Status Inflicting Attacks: Inflicting negative status will be easier for players and enemies. Using different status attacks will be a more effective strategy then before.
I almost always got a status infliction on me whenever I got attacked anyway, so I didn't notice anything about this.

Bonus Damage Using 'Hanzo' With Photon Arts: Now this Seven Star GRM long sword is especially good for Photon Arts.
Everyone's been confused about this. We don't know what it means.

Bonus Damage Using Kubara Melee Weapons With Photon Arts: Now all Kubara melee weapons are especially effective when using Photon Arts.
Kubara melee weapons had a 10% penalty when using photon arts. Apparently, they got rid of that so that kubara weapons are on par with normal weapons.

NPC Shops Will Pay More For Certain Items: Weapons can be sold to NPC shops for higher price. Selling prices will be also be updated for certain items.
Selling to the NPC isn't always useless now. A rank weapons, for instance, often go for tens of thousands of meseta. It's often easier to just sell to an NPC than to the player shops, so it's an easier way to make money. Especially useful for new players without a player shop.

Beauty Salon Is Discounted: Certain character customization options in the Lumilass salon are discounted.
I've gotta check this out. I didn't notice this.

Something not mentioned is a player shop search feature. Basically, before this update, you could only search by an item name. This meant that, if a few items had the same name, you had to search through multiple player shops before you find the item that you're actually searching for, only to find that it's selling much higher than it's suppose to. With this new feature, you can refine your search heavily. And best of all, the items are listed by both name and price, along with its stats, are seen without even leaving your room. You can also search by price, weapon ATP, and similar things to get exactly what you want. My only complaint is that the search words are much more sensitive, which can be a pain with Yohmei weapons. But, you can refine the search in other ways so that you don't even have to type in a name to find the item you want.
This alone was worth an update of its own.

This update was a huge update, making the game much more user friendly and overall enjoyable. There are many times when I thought I was playing a new area in PSO. The game feels much different, and things that were a pain to do beforehand are now very entertaining. Grinding is easier, Leveling is easier, buying from player shops is now a pleasure, and going through missions are no longer a pain. If you have your PSU disk, I definitely suggest trying the game out again. If not, AoI comes out in three days anyway.
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You forgot to mention that only the PC/PS2 servers has this update. Xbox 360 won't be getting it until the day AoI comes out, the 20th.
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this makes me want to try playing again.. I never really got that high because it was such a pain to do things. this makes it sound much more fun than it was when I played.
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