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Default How to port? please assist

can anyone tell me what i need and how to go about porting armor from another race to my current?, i have a body armor for F Elvaan i want to port to Mithra any help is appreciated
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Depends on the degree of "port", and the original .dat you're going for. For a true port:
First, you'll need VRS.
Once you have that, you'll need to open the original mod in VRS, copy it, and then open the skeleton for the race you want to port it too. Paste, and then resize the mod, to better fit the new race's size. Then comes the mother. You'll now have to select each and every single vertex and reassign its skeletal weights to match the new race's skeleton. Once you've done that its a simple matter of going into Meta and perfecting the shape and feel of the port.

Yeah, its an insane amount of work, which is why I'll never do it.

There is however a quick and dirty way to do things for some of your ports ONLY if its the texture and not the shape that you are trying to get.
For that you need to find a model that most resembles the shape that want. Open the orginal and the "shape match" in Model Viewer. Convert both to .mqo files. Now just replace the .dds (and .bmp) files from one to the other. Open your mod in meta and use the UV mapping to make sure that the lines all are in the right place and the texture lines up correctly. resave, and convert back from the .mqo. You should be done.

If what I've said above makes no sense, you're not ready to even attempt this yet. Try doing some simple additions, or partial deletion and such to other mods first till you get a feel for Meta and VRS.
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NPC to PC, Armor to Armor, and Race to Race with our friend VRS.
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