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Default Priorities

Since Dracovivi brought this to my attention I've been looking into the priorities of layers in mods. I've read the guide he sent me to and from my own testing and looking into this its not 100% right. Heres what I've been able to find so far:

In your structure window for each of your objects is a 3 part name. eg. BDY1-HIDE1-IVNO.
The breakdown:
As far as I can tell, the first part is just a description for the location of the object. Actual original .dats from SE have types that I've seen of NONE, BDY LEG1, LEG2.
NONE appears to be used when the location is immaterial.
BDY is obviously a body type.
LEG1 is legs.
LEG2 I believe to be feet.

Now I think its important to know which is which because specific types can overwrite, or receive a higher priority than others. Eg. BDY can overwrite NONE but not LEG1, LEG1 and LEG2 can overwrite each other, but not BDY... really all of this needs a lot more testing to verify. But in the little testing I've done this seams to be the case.

Next the HIDE part. I think the HIDE part indicates the files hierarchy or place for overwriting other things, or rather causing them to hide. Higher numbers being more important. eg. HIDE3 > HIDE1. Now this is only half the battle for making sure that you don't have clipping issues, the next part is the key.

INVO. In looking into different mods, this little guy is the magic. Now bear with me as I try and demonstrate this.
Kote-NONE-HIDE0-IVHA . They disappear when wearing anything with long sleeves.
Vermilion Cloak's body portion is BDY2-HIDE2-INVO, cowl is NONE-HIDE4-INVO. Hides both Kote and Hair.
Hair on a head is NONE-HIDE0-IVF1, the face itself is NONE-HIDE0-IVF5.

Ok, now with our test data we can see. The cloaks body is set with a value of HIDE2, The Kote have a HIDE0 but that doesn't matter. What matters is that 3rd part, the Kote are also set with an IVHA (I'm guessing the HA stands for hands). Now this is what happens. The body has a HIDE value of 2, the gloves are set IVHA (we assume that since gloves have no hierarchy tree, they are either hidden or not, that IVHA = IVH0 or a value of 0, the lowest). HIDE value 2 > IV value of 0, hence the gloves are hidden.
To further prove this lets look at the cowl and hair. Hair has value of HIDE0 which again doesn't matter. It just means that it will not overwrite anything itself. It is however set to disappear on INF1, cloak's value is HIDE4. Because the cowls HIDE4 > the hairs INF1, the hair is hidden by the cowl, in addition because HIDE4 < INF5 the face is not removed and hidden. However even though the HIDE4 > 0,1,2,3 without the hair having the INF it won't disappear. You'll also see files using IVNO as well. INVO means that it does not get overwritten, or rather that it will not allow itself to disappear.
Feel free to test all of this. Remove the INF1 from some hair or change it to INF5 or INVO and you'll see the hair stick out of the cowl top(provided obviously that it physically does expand beyond the cowl).

So now the summary: The last part is the key, it indicates the value that the portion itself has. The middle part indicates the what this part can over write, and the first part... well it still needs testing. Because like I said at the start, I think it indicates which parts will even check the other 2 parts, but thats for another day, and quite alot of testing.

If someone is willing to help me on this, the things that need testing/ finding out still are: What other values are there for that 3rd set, beyond IVNO, IHVA, IVL and IVF. Also how the first part plays into all of it. Cause I know it does (I just can't really explain it now, cause its all a jumbled mess).
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