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Default trying to remember

there's this old sci-fi movie i saw when i was little
i know it's a long shot but i figured i'd ask, someone might know

i think it was a japanese movie, it was in english, tho it was probably in japanese first
anyhow... i watched it when i was little, in like the late 80s or early 90s is when i saw it.
it was NOT anime lol

from what i remember about the film, key things that stand out...
it was a sci-fi movie about this group of people in this spaceship or aircraft that either crashland or land at this place w/ evil killer robots inside, not many mind you, lots of traps, like 1 or 2 maybee even 3 human sized robots that killed most of the crew.
the main character slowly opening a cigar/ette box revealing it's filled with square carrot sticks instead! lol and i think there was one of those old style coke machines in the beginning.
oki there was aslo... a giant evil robot i think, and there was a giant pilotable robot that the main character later aquired in the movie (i think he found it in this junkyard type of place and fixed/made it), i also think there was a little girl he met too and was protecting not too sure on that one.
eventually he runs outta fuel, runs in to get giant kasks/barrels of whiskey while his giant robot shooting a laser off mirriors to protect him down this long path against the human sized robots/traps, he uses the whiskey to power the robot, a remark was made about dodgers or yankees o.o then... at the end he ends up lifting (on his shoulder) the giant minigun from his nearly destroyed giant robot/tank thing and touches two wires together, firing it to destroy the evil giant robot. then his giant robot/tank sacrifices itself to delay the place from exploding or to make it explode as the guy makes a quick getaway on his spaceship thing lol

i know it's a tad vague but that's the best i can do ^^; i hope someone knows what i'm talking about ; ; i loved this movie and have no idea what it was called... i really want to buy it again so if anyone figures out what i'm talking about or knows the title plz tell me.
tkz ^^
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