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Default Wondering if this is possible (used search beforehand<3)

spent the better part of the day trying to find this dat i saw on a JP blog.. was a chocobo that was dat modded to odins horse sleepnir (sp?) looked reealllyy cool, only problem was that the guy never left a download link or anything.. so im basically wondering if anyone has made this yet O_o.

Also i REALLY doubt this is possible but i have a fascination with odin as you can tell...So i also wondering if its possible to fully change a race (like galka >.>b) so that all galka are odin. Meaning if i say, race change with wardrobe to galka i will be basically playing as odin lol with all the hits and magic animations the same.

PS: sorry if my sentences fail.. 2:13 AM and im tired T_T
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The guy who runs the Mithran Provoke website was working on the Sliepnir mod, but he never completed it, and it seems he's completely abandoned .DAT modding by this point. He hasn't updated his site since I think August of last year.

THEORETICALLY you could make a race into a monster, but it would be a lot of work. Make every piece of equipment to a blank .DAT (a No Equipment or placeholder file) except for one slot, (like body) and replace that slot with the .DAT for Odin. After that, you'd have to go in and extract Odin's motions and skeleton files and replace the race's original animations with those.

This would make instances of anything Galka that isn't using the Odin replaced .DATs to be completely distorted with most motions, so in order for the game to look right, you'd then have to replace every other version of all other equipment .DATs with the blank ones, and all of the piece you chose to use the Odin .DAT on for all the others.

I haven't tested any of this. Using the basics of how the .DATs work, it *should* work, but this is no guarantee.
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