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Default What is nico nico douga you ask!?

Well here's a video to answer all your questions.... a video containing all the stuff nio nico douga has to offer!


If your easily disturbed by randomness, I would not recommend watching this as it is very random and strange

Anyone know the song at 9:20 btw? I know theirs a song list credits at the end but can't really read japanese :P (that and theirs like 50 songs listed)
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Nico Nico Douga: essentially Japan's YouTube, but with more creative/random anime/videogame crap and less of people staring into their webcams to say something stupid. Famous for their comment system, which lets you input a time in which you want it to be displayed, and the comment will scroll across the video screen at that time. This can lead to popular videos being very convoluted, but the comments can be turned off. The downside is that the site's entirely in japanese, not a word of english, and you have to register for an account before you can even watch the videos.

Nifty video there though Gulk. Concerning the song at 9:20... I've got no idea. As you mentioned there's the song credits which I could maybe, sorta, kinda read, but since they go by order number and not time played, I've got no idea which one it is...
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