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Default Having POL issues

Over the past couple days I've been running into a strange problem with POL, nearly every time I change gear, the viewer itself encounters an error and shuts down. (Being a BRD this is a major problem) Wondering if anyone has come across something like this before, or might know how to fix it, or at least what's causing it.
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If you have incorporated DAT's made yourself or by others into your FFXI directories, that may be the issue. It'd be good to run the "Check Files" option and see if that fixes your problem. Also, if you're using "Windowed Mode" from FFXI, stop using it, or if you're using any third party tools such as Windower, stop using it. Macro tools from a third party program could be bugging the game's script or something dealing with the visuals.

If "Check Files" does not work and you're not using Windowed Mode nor any third party tools, then I'd probably try to reinstall/update to the newest drivers for your graphics card and make sure you have the the most current version of Direct X (version 9.0c I believe for Windows XP users and then version 10 for Windows Vista). If you're on Windows XP and using the hacked Direct X 10, then you should probably revert over to the official version 9.0c.

If none of the above work, the only thing I can think of is to reinstall FFXI. My mind pretty much stops there.
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I've had this problem as well, it started alittle after the last major update. It's frozen my game w/no custom dats on at all so that's not the case. Seems to happen if I go from Accuracy to WS back to accuracy gear real fast. Like the game can't handle it for some reason.
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Your problem sounds fixable, refresh back to your original files, then try adding your .dats one at a time to find the culprit file that's screwing up FFXI. That's my suggestion, and if it doesn't work then I'm not sure.

My FFXI has had a disconnection problem. No other program/gaming system at my place has yet to experience this though. I log into FFXI or POL viewer for about 5-20 minutes and then just disconnect. it's 90% always the same "disconnected from host" error message. My hunch is the router going out, but why do none of my other games react this way (so frustrating).
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