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Default whats crackin, bitches

my friend says hes gonna pay for me to start playing again, whats changed over the past year?
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-They made Einherjar easier.

-Wings of the Goddess
-Campaign, basicly besieged the whole day in different areas in the past.
-Sandworm BCNMs: an HNM worm that draws you and your alliance into a 1 hour BCN against Guivre, King Arthro or Serket in rage mode.
They can drop pretty good gear.

-Zeni NMs, a way of SE to reenstate their Pokemon game.
Take pictures of mobs the npc wants and get zeni, spend those for pops that spawn NMs which can drop pretty nice gear.

Probably a whole lot more.♠
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Not to mention the new jobs~

They're both pretty fun, just gotta let 'em grow on you (ie get to 35 or higher)
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I quit about two years ago, wasn't in to the HNM scene, and gil seemed really hard to come by, since things on the AH became so cheap, that crafting didn't seem worth it anymore. (I had bonecrafting leveled for weskits, but they became dirt cheap.) I had sea access, but didn't get to do much of anything there.

How is the economy now? I had a NIN and SAM at 75, NIN was a huge expense on its own, so it would be nice if gil isn't so hard to acquire nowadays. I really liked CoP's storyline, ToAU (did up to some cutscene with Naja taking a crown iirc...) seemed a bit interesting, though I'm sure I'd be so far behind it wouldn't be funny.

A friend of mine told me that campaign takes the "wait time" for LFP away, and is a good source of EXP. Would be somewhat interested if the things I mentioned changed for the better, and I do miss tanking as NIN.

I'm somewhat intrigued by the things mentioned in the two previous posts...
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