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Default Eye Shadow, Earrings, More Tattoos, Rings...

Could any of these possibly be implemented onto the existing .dats, like for instance we know you couldn't see a ring with some pair of gloves on so mod some rings onto the gear pieces that show the bair fingers, earrings maybe multiple piercings down an ear on a mithra or something? Eye shadow black or blue or something XD, I know there is 1 or 2 tattoo .dats around but who is usually without a body piece? Like for all the gear that shows skin put some tattoo there like for instance Dancer's Tights are like Capris the calf is shown I think a Rose tattoo would look sick on one of the legs. Tell me what you guys think and if this sounds possible and easy enough to pull off.
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Not difficult at all, really.

Face textures are small, and easy to modify. On many occasions I've changed hair colors, eye shadow, and lip color. Haven't released those, because they're kind of still in progress. Multiple earrings are easy, especially on Elvaan and Mithra because they have long ears. Nose rings might be tough. Belly button rings are simple.

Tattoos can be tricky, due to how the texture is stretched over the mesh object. Not particularly difficult, it just takes time. Remember, though, that the texture is symmetrical, meaning if you put a rose tattoo on the right calf, it will also appear on the left. There is a way to make the texture asymmetrical, but it involves a little bit more expertise.

Finger rings can be tricky depending on how much detail you want to put in. You may have noticed, fingers in this game are kind of large and spaced very close to each other. There will be clipping overlap, but it would be barely noticeable.
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Earrings are easy. Just take a ring (I found the best place to get them is from the nipple rings pack) and then just use vrs to set the weight to the ear. So I would assume it would be the same for fingers. Just take the ring like Wenrick said and hope for no clipping.

Tattoes are possible. Look for FFT Dancer in the forums. I believe theres a total of 3 tats, the ever popular "tramp stamp" a neck and dual sholders or something.

Eye Shadow- I personally started a topic on this one, but people decided to use it for there epeen wars so I asked Gulk to lock it. Look for the topic http://neko-sentai.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5693
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