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Default Don't know if I should consider this awesome or frightening.

See for yourself


It's a technological marvel.... but holy fuck if it isn't scary. It moves like it's real.
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Reminds me of a GEKKO, but if you want creepy robots, go no further than
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@Matta: haha Yeah, I saw that video a while ago. It's creepy how lifelike it moves despite the absence of a head.
@Alizia: Wah, yeah, those are pretty creepy. It's pretty cool to see how far we're getting though, despite the robot apocalypse that will come of it. :D
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Oh, God damnit...
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Seing this thread after reading an article in Popular Science(yes, I read that...) called "Could Robot Aliens Exist" and then being answered with an affirmative "yes, aliens probably have already changed out organic bodies for mechanical ones" then reading about omething that is predicted to happen within a few decades on Earth, called the Quantum Singularity (or something Singularity)...Well the Singularity is the event in which a machine becomes sentient...I.E. self aware, I.E. like a human - intelligent, curious, and, well, self-aware, which is, among other things, being aware of death (unlike animals who have no understanding of death and are therefore nonsentient). Well just seeing this thread, and the Darpa BigDog (I'd read about it...never thought it would be so lifelike) and then watching the Jules video...well it sent chills down my spine. xD
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holy shit i want a robot

like that dog lol
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