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IndoorMinotaur 09-21-2017 12:58 AM

[RPG Maker MV] Daughter of Essence (Steam Store Live!)
Now on Steam!

The largest and most powerful empire wants you captured at all costs. Their enemies want to control you for their own benefit. The world itself seems to want you dead. You just want to be a normal girl.

Daughter of Essence is now 25% off in the Steam Summer Sale!

Link to Steam Patch Notes:

We're also part of this Shady Bundle!

Link to Shady Games Bundle:

About This Game

Daughter of Essence is a story-driven JRPG set in a dark fantasy universe filled with meaningful choices, a diverse cast of intriguing and fully-realized characters, and erotically-charged, high-stakes adventures.

You play as Mercy Albath, a dangerous and spiteful young woman with a grim fate: she is the Daughter of Essence, and the world cannot abide such power running unchecked.

So run. Build your strength. Fight where you can, when you can. Gather powerful allies and fortify your position. Don't slow down, don't ask questions, and don't think about how much you're willing to sacrifice if you truly want to survive.


The Daughter of Essence is many things. The youngest child of a wealthy lord. A stubborn, rebellious and crass young woman. A skilled fighter and a wielder of elemental forces beyond comprehension. And a lonely soul, desperate to live a normal life, to be free, to be understood, and to protect the people she cares deeply about.
  • 50 hours of story-driven content packed with interesting characters, difficult choices, and countless secrets
  • Base-building elements with both narrative and mechanical ramifications
  • Relevant and engaging sexual encounters with detailed long-form narration & illustrations
  • Deep and interesting character building options, allowing for a huge variety of playstyles
  • Sideview RPG combat with an Active Time Battle system and distinct timed-attack patterns for different weapon types and spells
  • A large, complex world with many interweaving factions, races, religions and motivations
  • Visually appealing and carefully crafted areas to lose yourself in



Web Site:
Game Jolt:

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Artists Featured:

Javier Martinez:
Francisco Balbuena:
Lusty Bumble:

Voice Actors:

Midnight Datura:
Chloe Angel:

IndoorMinotaur 10-02-2017 10:19 PM

We just released our first weekly build release to patrons who contribute $10 or more a month. You can read the patch notes here:

Please consider supporting us at any level. $5 a month gets you the alpha builds that drop one a month!

This week's release features art from Glazen

IndoorMinotaur 10-09-2017 08:34 PM

We just released version 0.3! Here are the patch notes:

If you haven't played the free demo yet--please give it a try or if you know someone who might like it-- let them know!

IndoorMinotaur 10-16-2017 06:58 PM


Today has been a big day for us--we just dropped 3 releases!

Weekly version 0.4! Here are the patch notes:

Alpha version 0.3a!

Perhaps more importantly for this forum's purposes, we uploaded a NEW version of the free demo! It includes some of the bug-fixes, polish and details added in later versions but without any of the post-Shiveworth content.

The demo now also starts Mercy at level 10 and gives her a bunch of skill scrolls to play with, so she can experiment a little and breeze through the starting fights quickly if so desired.

You can download it from our patreon: or the direct link is here:!NPwVRQqZ!6O0hUM-PSbxR1493feEXaQ

IndoorMinotaur 10-23-2017 07:56 PM

It's weekly build day! You can see the patch notes here:

If you haven't tried the free demo yet--please give it a try! You can find it on our patreon:

IndoorMinotaur 11-06-2017 04:34 PM

Weekly Build 0.7!

We've got a pretty wild build for you this week, so scope out those patch notes! We're wrapping up a few last test runs now, and we'll send the latest version out to our weekly patrons shortly. Looks interesting? Please try our free demo!

We know the last couple of weeks has been a lot of mapping, spriting and exposition, so we hope you enjoy some of the payoff!

Version 0.7 - 11/6/17

Finished up White Rat Maps
Exciting New Storyline Content!
2 New NSFW Scenes!
Dozens of new NPCs to chat with!
Added lots of new equipment and restorative items
Changed restoration values of cooked food to scale better with higher max HP
Changed restoration values of alcoholic beverages
Added Roasted Toothtube Fin to cookable items
Added Roasted Seaweed to cookable items
Modified a few recovery skills to scale better with higher max HP
Populated Castle District and added 5 new shops:
Fruit Vendor
Made Hallie talk to Mercy automatically when she tries to leave the square
Made speaking to the innkeeper mandatory before leaving square
(Game will want you to do this again if you already have)
Mercy can now dig up buried chests (but has to be sturdy enough to open them)
The percent change from stat modifying skills are scaled up from 25/50/75 to 33/66/100

IndoorMinotaur 11-13-2017 10:16 PM

Hi everyone!

The free playable version of Daughter of Essence has received a sizable version upgrade, from 0.1.1 to 0.4.2a, adding several hours of gameplay, intriguing narrative developments, sexual encounters, and more! To celebrate, we have uncensored the pictures in our first post on this thread - check them out!

The link to the latest demo is on our patreon:

The alpha version has also made a big jump, from version 0.3.1a to version 0.7.2a, which includes exciting new content all the way up through Carvannah, the Desert City!

As always, the weekly build (0.8) was released today and continues fleshing out the city, adding new areas, quests, secrets, fights, and even a little voyeurism!

We have come so far in an incredibly short period of time, and we're so glad for everyone who has come along for the ride so far.

Patch notes Version 0.8 - 11/13/17

-2 New NSFW Scenes! (1 Illustrated, 1 WIP)
-Carvannah Noble District
--Wine Cellar Quest
--Populated with NPCs
--Silver Cards Quest
--Bug Trubs Quest Start
-Added Miners* Dorm in Southern Mining District
-Added Carvannah Nighttime (Huge WIP)
--Added random nighttime Thief encounters to Mining Districts
-Improved object moving events (pushing/pulling)
-Added Moon Bat random encounters to cove after finding calcinator (up to 5)
-Added Essence Refining System with Moon Lee*s calcinator
--Plunder or otherwise obtain “Unrefined Essence”
--Place 3 unrefined essences into Moon*s calcinator to make 1 refined essence
-Added IMP splash screen on start
-Added several puzzles and secret areas to Carvannah
-Re-added missing box at Carvannah Dock
-Slightly tweaked Hallie fight
-Fixed a few tile passability issues in Carvannah
-Fixed a few mapping issues in Carvannah
-Screen now renders full-size on launch instead of after load
-Fixed an issue where portraits were disabled after Moon Spirit battle
-Fixed a few portrait flicker issues

IndoorMinotaur 11-20-2017 09:23 PM

Another week, another patch for patrons, another nsfw scene!

We're continuing to update the game weekly. Interested? Then please try our public build on our patron page:

Here's this week's patch notes:

Version 0.9 - 11/20/17
  • Sleeping Crow changed to Sleeping Frog (to avoid confusion)
  • Added Sleeping Frog Content
  • New NSFW Scene (Written)
  • Added Carvannah Docks Area
  • Added Carvannah Coast
  • Added Boathouse Content
  • Plot Encounter!
  • Added Mine Content
  • Optional Boss!
  • Fixed an NPC pathing issue in Shiveworth that could mean getting trapped when fishing
  • Fixed a blocked path at the Shiveworth docks
  • Fixed an infinite item exploit!
  • Continued balancing restorative items

IndoorMinotaur 11-27-2017 05:25 PM

Weekly Build Version 0.10!

Despite the holidays and a cold bad enough to turn my brain inside-out, I've managed to be much more productive than expected!

This week, we bring you version 0.10: THE HALL Edition! We're doing some last-minute tests and will upload the build soon. However, there's good news and bad news. A new plugin we've implemented for special light and weather effects breaks save files. So, for this build and and perhaps a few more builds up to the next alpha, we're uploading two versions: one that has the special lighting & weather features and one that does not. We're hoping in that time that we can find a workaround to get old save files working with the new stuff.

Eventually, we'll be making the upgrade exclusive, however, because continually uploading multiple versions for multiple tiers is going to get out of hand fast. It's a bummer, but it's sort of the nature of the beast when you're constantly adding new content.

Perhaps before then, we'll implement a feature to start at different chapters in the game. We'll figure it out!

Anyway, that's something for the future. For now, version 0.10a has old save compatibility and 0.10b does not, but has fancy firefly effects.

Choose wisely!

Nym - Lead Dev

Version 0.10 11/27/2017
  • Updated Night Carvannah aesthetic features
  • Modified exterior tint and overlay effects
  • Added night-lighting to interior and exterior areas
  • Added firefly effects to exterior areas (and tents)!
  • Added fortune-teller*s tent (open at night)
  • Many daytime-only shops now close down at night
  • Added THE HALL (night building)
  • Combat Trials!
  • Prizes!
  • Extremely complicated eventing! D:
  • FINALLY solved AI issue: enemies will correctly prioritize HP-dependant abilities now!
  • Fixed a number of battles
  • Tweaked a few enemies
  • Many miners have new dialogue after The Hall challenges are completed
  • Contextualized nighttime dialogue for more Carvannah citizens
  • Contextualized boat-search dialogue for a few more citizens
  • Finder Encountered (brief scene)
  • Added new restorative items and equipment
  • Started working on revising cooking fires

Not a patron but Interested? Try our public build to see if this is for you!

IndoorMinotaur 12-04-2017 07:31 PM

Hey everyone! This week we*ve added a lot of different optional content starting to branch out and add up little by little.

As another aside, we currently have 5 NSFW CGs in development right now. Coming soon once our artists have finished doing their thing!

Don't forget - you can access our public build on our patreon! Tell your friends!
Without further ado: patch notes!

Version 0.11 - 12/4/2017
  • Revised & replaced all of Mercy*s portraits (except 1 that needs full rework)
  • Added & replaced several new BGM tracks in Carvannah
  • Added several new cutscenes and events in the city
  • Added Carvannah Infirmary
  • Added new night-time Carvannah NPCs and updated more dialogue contextually
  • Added Carvannah Aqueducts (Under Construction)
  • Added special new secret coastal vendor
  • Added Sigrun, the Shipwright, and her home
  • Added keyboard layout splash on startup
  • Orus learns a new skill at level 8 (if he is already level 8 or higher, resting at the White Rat will teach him the appropriate skill)- Moon Hunters learn: Shred! - Moonguards learn: Guardian! - Moonlights learn: Orbit!
  • Finished Revising Cooking Fires
  • Added cookable monster flanks (that turn into what used to be steak)
  • Made into a common event to simplify future cooking additions!
  • Added “unwanted attention” trackers to different events in Carvannah
  • Added a place to rest in the tent near The Hall
  • Updated Marlan*s sprite and portraits
  • Fixed a shield accidentally requiring coral to purchase in Carvannah
  • Fixed/edited dialogue here and there
  • Fixed a few tile passability issues (trees mostly)
  • Fixed tents playing seaside background sounds (a carryover from the cove)

IndoorMinotaur 12-11-2017 06:49 PM

Weekly & Alpha Build: v0.12

Hi everyone!

This week we've added some special features! This week's patch features a new system where Mercy can turn down sexual encounters (if they're not your thing) and get skill points rather than essence. Also, we've added a library that lets you look back at the art from the encounters to did choose to participate in. We're doing a special one-time alpha bump and releasing the weekly build and the alpha versions simultaneously! Remember, our current public release is available here:

Patch Notes
  • Added the ability to skip directly to the cove in a New Game
  • Choose Mercy's and Orus's specializations
  • Choose Mercy's weapon
  • Start at level 5 with 10 stat points to distribute
  • Start with a handful of restorative items & all plot-related key items
  • Revisit scenes in the new scene library, accessible from the cove throne room
  • Mercy can now choose to abstain from sexual encounters and get rewarded skill points instead of essence!
  • Added special Old Salt & above save files! Includes exclusive equipment, bonus gold and essence, and automatically enables all library scenes implemented thus far
  • Updated cove with new lighting effects
  • Fixed several lines of dialogue in the cove
  • Fixed an issue an image overlay issue in the cove
  • Fixed an issue with Orus's Blitz having the wrong timed attack overlay
  • Updated a few animations
  • Reconciled a few continuity issues in Carvannah with all the simultaneous goings-on
  • Changed essence extracted from scenes to unrefined
  • Made it clearer that the player needs to refine essence at Moon Lee's station

IndoorMinotaur 01-01-2018 08:51 PM

Weekly Build v0.14! Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, we're hard at work finishing up the latest build, and it feels very fitting to have Carvannah wrapped up and the start of a new chapter in line with the start of a new year.

There're some finishing touches and some testing to be done, but you can expect version 0.14 before the day is out.

A number of our commissions were wrapped up and we made a lot of progress on the base-building systems, so I'm happy with today's release.

Here's to a great 2018, and we'll be in touch soon with more news!

Don't forget, our public build is available to download here: and we'll be releasing an ALL-NEW, LONGER PUBLIC BUILD this week!

Version 0.14 - 1/1/2018: Happy New Year!
  • Added new art to the Mercy/Hallie scene!
  • Added new art to the miners scene!
  • Added new art to the Mercy vibrator scene!
  • Added Carvannah's conclusion and the return to the cove
  • Dalkon's training grounds are now upgradeable and can provide access to all new weapon-based skills
  • Moon's alchemy lab is now upgradeable and can provide access to all new potions & combat mixtures
  • Gertrude's forge is now upgradeable and can provide access to all new armor runes
  • Eva's spellbooks are upgradeable and can provide access to the previously unavailable tier of elemental spells
  • The docks are now upgradeable and offer a great deal of new fishing spots, as well as a regenerating stash of smoked smoothfins & a fishing line
  • The throne room is now upgradeable into a dining hall, which provides some regenerating food stashes & improves morale, a variable that tracks the general happiness of cove residents
  • Cove defenses are now upgradeable & offer cosmetic changes & contributes to a variable that tracks the risk of attack
  • “Swig” now scales partially with the user's agility instead of spirit (agility * 2.5) + (Max HP * 0.25)
  • Extended Cavern Areas now clearable in order to begin making room for new accommodations and base-building elements, excavated items will occasionally appear in chests and the rewards scale based on Mercy's Luck
  • Spear Skill “Moonlight” renamed “Low Tide” to avoid confusion with Orus's specialization
  • Fixed a minor lighting issue in the expanded cove tunnels

IndoorMinotaur 01-09-2018 03:00 PM

Hi folks, version 0.15 released and fixes a ton of bugs, adds some new content, and revamps some systems. We're beginning a new chapter in Daughter of Essence, so we hope to see you around!

You can find the patch notes here:

IndoorMinotaur 01-16-2018 03:57 PM

Hello again, folks, we return this week with another new public release, as well as the latest weekly & alpha builds!

We're working on the new Witchdale chapter going forward, which is coming along great. This will be the last public build for a little while, until the next chapter is entirely completed, so IF you find yourself enjoying what we have so far, definitely come and check out our weekly or alpha builds as well.

Until next time, enjoy!

Patch notes for the latest build:

Version 0.16 - 1/15/2018

Added new ship scene with NSFW option
Added all ship interior maps
Added the Witchdale coastal maps and cavern networks
Added the Witchdale and Witchdale market exterior maps
Revised the Mercy & Elijah scene
Revised the Sleeping Frog scene
Updated Elijah's portrait
Fixed a continuity issue with Bell*s dialogue if you resist essence
Fixed a javascript error when tending to Poppy*s wounds
Fixed a picture overlay issue in the Carvannah square (finally!)
Fixed the disappearing proprietor in Sleeping Frog
Updated several plugins for compatibility

IndoorMinotaur 01-23-2018 08:21 PM

Weekly Build v0.17!

Hi everyone, we've been working on a lot of stuff that isn't quite ready to show off with this build, including the entire overworld (which is very big) and some art pieces/new systems, so this release will seem small in comparison.

As for what, PRECISELY, is coming up... let's just say Moon's got a new potion to try out:

Here are the notes for version 0.17. Hope you guys like the changes and improvements.

Version 0.17 - 1/22/2018

Made the entire Overworld Map (currently inaccessible)
Added new enemy encounters to the Witchdale passage
Added new Witchdale cliffs area & optional boss encounter
Added new weapons and armor to the game database
Added new Dietrich scene art
Created dozens of new character sprites to begin filling out Witchdale
Revised some dialogue in Shiveworth to be less wordy
Revised goblinfish & leaf spirit encounters to allow fleeing in Shiveworth
Revised choice menus in Shiveworth for continuity (and symmetry)
Extended fishing time windows for some catches
+20 frames for smoothfins
+20 frames for random items
+30 frames for littlesnoots
+10 frames for hogfish
Fixed AI for bats and fire wisps
Fixed some tile passability issues in Witchdale
Fixed connecting passages between Witchdale cave areas

IndoorMinotaur 01-30-2018 06:40 PM

Hi everyone, we've just finished uploading the latest weekly build: version 0.18. It's kind of hard to believe we've done this 18 times now, but we've still a long way to go and we have no plans of slowing down now!

Witchdale also has a long way to go, but we're putting the pieces in place, and we're excited to see where it all takes us. Hopefully everyone digs what we've got in place so far. A lot of the last couple of weeks has been preparatory work, but we're still making sure to sneak in some interesting new content every week.

Here are the patch notes, as always:

Version 0.18 - 1/29/2018

  • Added shops & NPCs to Witchdale Square
  • Added the Witchdale tavern and inn
  • Added a cooldown to Cor Silvam*s “Entangling Roots”
  • Updated the battle backgrounds for Witchdale caves
  • Slightly reduced Witchdale Hornet*s AGI
  • Added an option to skip all the cliffs/caves once the player reaches a checkpoint in Witchdale
  • Added Moon Lee to the ship
  • Put Gertrude/Vincent and Elijah below-deck and everyone else in town after reaching Witchdale
  • Added a new optional quest and NSFW scene!
  • Fixed several passability issues in Witchdale
  • Adjusted Fruit recovery values
  • Adjusted gremlinfish and leaf spirit stats slightly
  • Fixed some lighting issues on the ship

Don't forget that you can try out the public build at:

IndoorMinotaur 02-05-2018 09:17 PM

Weekly Build v0.19!

Hey everyone, first update of February! Witchdale is starting to come together and fill with life, which is exciting. Set a lot of groundwork this week for new relations, so expect a lot of these to take off in different directions by next week.

Alpha patrons, you'll get a new build next week and a reminder that everyone can try the public build at!

Version 0.19 - 2/5/2018
  • Added the Witchdale Barracks (and 4-story tower)
  • Added lots and lots of new characters to Witchdale
  • Created a new male szarva sprite and implemented new szarva character
  • Created Carlisse quest-line (optional)
  • Created Flask quest (optional)
  • Created the Fishmaster! Get prizes for catching big fish
  • Added lots of new items to Witchdale
  • Changed all recovery values in the item descriptions to be on their own line for clarity

IndoorMinotaur 02-12-2018 08:34 PM

Hey everyone! W O W, version 0.20. It's absolutely wild how fast the time has gone by over the course of 20 releases. It has been a ton of work, but it's also been really satisfying to see things coming together.

And, if you'll permit me to toot both of our own horns, I think we are getting better at it as we go along. I hope you're as excited about the future as we are.

We're sending v0.20 out to our weekly patrons and v0.19.1 out to our alpha patrons, so any new patrons will get access to the build of their respective tiers.

Anyone can try out our public build here:

Here's what we got going on in this week's release!

Version 0.20 - 2/12/2018
  • Added brief dialogue for when Mercy first arrives in Witchdale
  • Added Witchdale Dormitory (basement, ground floor, 2nd floor)
  • Added Witchdale Bank
  • Added Witchdale Residential Caverns (Upper and Lower)
  • Added over a dozen new characters to Witchdale again!
  • Added Saul & a new combat encounter!
  • Added a new optional NSFW scene (F/F + weird)!
  • Added some narrative prerequisites & subsequent plot progress
  • Updated Carvannah Mine battle background
  • Updated Carvannah Aqueducts battle background
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed a lighting issue when traveling from the Witchdale coast to the ship

IndoorMinotaur 02-14-2018 04:35 PM

Have a great day, everyone!

If you're looking to play a fun game and get in the mood all at once, we hope you'll check us out.

IndoorMinotaur 02-19-2018 09:26 PM

Hi everyone,

We just finished up our playtesting on version 0.21 and got the build uploaded. This has been a tricky development week, because it's a lot of tying off loose-ends and building in the player's choices.

But we got a lot done, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Check out the patch notes to see what's new, and enjoy!

Remember, everyone can try our public build. You can find it here:

Version 0.21 - 2/19/2018
  • Added main plot progress and the next big player choice
  • Added new ship cabin areas
  • Added all Witchdale recruitment options
  • Added Corrine quest & encounter
  • Added szarva & Molly quest
  • Added new NSFW scene (Other/F - written and commissioned)
  • Added tons of contextual dialogue to Witchdale citizens and recruitable members
  • Revised some Witchdale dialogue to strengthen suggestions of pirates-Peacekeeper relationship
  • Added new hidden treasures to Witchdale!
  • Fixed a chest in Shiveworth (displaying the message incorrectly)
  • Fixed an issue in Witchdale where the ladies walking by triggers every time you step on a certain tile
  • Changed the appearance of the Witchdale barracks
  • Added Badaxe to the in-game credits

IndoorMinotaur 02-27-2018 09:22 PM

Hey everyone, we pulled a late night last night to try and get the weekly build to a good stopping point, and BOY was it a monster.

Wrapping up Witchdale has meant creating 3 different sequences for the conclusion and between 2-4 different sets of conversations for each member of the crew back on your ship, depending on the chosen routes.

It's been hard work, and I'm sorry to say the chapter still isn't 100% finished (although you do technically finish up with Witchdale itself). I'd say I've grinded out probably 95% of it. It's pretty much guaranteed to be finished before the next weekly release (which MAY come early?)

A lot of stuff didn't make the cut this week just for lack of time, including a new sex scene and 2 different pieces of art for already-existing sex scenes. I expect not only these to make it in by next week, but also ANOTHER scene that I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while (just needed to be back in the cove to make it happen).

Remember the public version is available for everyone to try! You can download it at:

March is looking to be a big month! Here are the patch notes:

Version 0.22 - 2/26/2018
  • Added new inn room areas
  • Added a new passage connecting Witchdale and the caverns
  • Added three different branching paths for Witchdale*s resolution
  • Withdrawal route
  • Direct Confrontation route
  • Peacekeeper Alliance route
  • Added The Van Ritter and crew encounters
  • Added the return voyage and all new crew members to the ship
  • Improved all cooked meat recovery values across the board:
  • Roasted Smoothfin: 70 + 10% -> 100 + 10%
  • Roasted Hogfish: 150 + 20% -> 200 + 20%
  • Roasted Flank: 200 + 30% -> 300 + 30%
  • Hufferpuffer Pie: 250 + 50% -> 400 + 40%
  • Roasted Toothtube Fin: 300 + 40% -> 500 + 50%
  • Changed mushroom recovery value (175 + 7% -> 20%)
  • Changed some dialogue in Carvannah for clarity
  • Fixed a sequence break in the Carvannah aqueducts (visiting crows hideout before encountering crows)

IndoorMinotaur 03-03-2018 05:37 PM

Hey everyone! We released a new build last night (technically this morning): version 0.23. There are a lot of things packed into a very short segment of game here, and that's because it all hinges on choices made and paths taken this far.

Things are actually starting to get a little out of hand in the cove in terms of complexity. Some NPCs have well over a dozen different pages of dialogue conditional to certain events.

The next build (to be released on Fridays instead of Mondays going forward) is going to focus heavily on revision. I've been charging ahead so fast that some of the pieces holding different segments together are feeling thin right now.

I want to start touching things up and polishing content to make the experience smooth, fun and intuitive.

Remember, newcomers can try our public build for free at

Anyway, here are the patch notes!

Version 0.23 (The End of the Witchdale Chapter!) - 3/2/2018
  • Added a new NSFW scene (written) on the ship (M/F, age difference)
  • Added a new NSFW scene (written and illustrated) back in the cove (Futa/F)
  • Added art for the Witchdale shapeshifter scene (Solo F, huge insertion, toy)
  • Added a variety of items to the Witchdale inn and underground passage
  • Added the return to the cove
  • Added the Van Ritter encounter for the peacekeeper alliance route
  • Added new dialogue to all cove residents
  • Fixed an issue where the upgraded alchemy station didn't properly detect different types of essence
  • Fixed an issue with the excavation chest disappearing instead of checking for restock

IndoorMinotaur 03-09-2018 07:18 PM

Hi everyone! We managed to wrap the weekly and alpha builds up earlier in the day than usual, thanks to a surprisingly well-kept schedule this week.

I set out to make this build focus primarily on revisions & improvements, and while I did revise a few things, it turned out that quite a lot was added, as well.

The biggest labor of the week was visual changes to the cove upgrades. Next week's focus will be adding new spells, weapon skills, runes, potions, and the final crafting station for essence of the night.

After that... we begin the next chapter! Hope everyone's looking forward to seeing where we go next.

The weekly version is 0.24, and the alpha is 0.23.1. I expect that a new public build will be coming in approximately two weeks' time to so non-patrons have that to look forward to as well.

Version 0.24 - 3/9/2018

  • Added visual upgrade indications for tier 2 essence station upgrades!
  • Added cannons to the 2nd tier defense upgrade!
  • Added new & improved doorway to expanded caverns if upgraded
  • Added clues about stowaway to ship
  • Added Olma*s arrival scene & subsequent cell location
  • Added Brandis to cove (if that path was chosen)
  • Added details about Ralph to the departure-for-Witchdale narration
  • Added a brief cutscene with Gorps & returned him to the cove
  • Added Ralph back to the cove (if that path was chosen)
  • Added some more dialogue to different members of the cove
  • Added a cut-scene in Shiveworth with Marlan & Carvannah Hunters
  • Added Holden*s return cut-scene
  • Introduced another new character to the cove: Wulfhilde!
  • Fixed some lighting issues in the expanded caverns

IndoorMinotaur 03-17-2018 01:34 PM

Hello, everyone! We got the latest build up last night, and as promised, we continued with the base-building upgrades and systems. I managed to get a LOT more done this week than projected, which means we're all ready to start the next chapter!

We made huge strides forward with the essence station upgrades and added tons of new content for character builds: new weapon skills, new spells, runes, potions, even an all-new station.

Another feature that I'm really excited about is a MUCH more informative equipment change scene, so you really how your stats are changing when you swap gear.

This has been one of the biggest patches yet, but a lot of it will boil down to your cove upgrade choices so far. We hope you enjoy.

Version 0.25 - 3/16/2018

- Added a new feature to show stat comparisons when changing gear in MUCH greater detail!
- Added Wulfhilde*s night essence workshop!
-- Added 2 new night essence toys & accompanying written NSFW scenes
- Added a new level 12 skill for all 3 Orus classes
- Added the 3rd tier for the moon essence training station
-- New skill scroll available for each weapon type!
- Added 3rd tier for earth essence inscription station
-- New spell scroll available for each element!
- Added 3rd tier for sun essence forge station
-- 10 new craftable runes!
- Added 3rd tier for sea essence alchemy station
-- 3 new powerful potions!
- Added a brand new residential area to the cove for the second excavation tier! (Still under construction)
- Added another cavern extension off the residential area with an optional boss fight
- Changed tier 2 potion costs (secondary ingredient now requires unrefined essence, not refined, making them less expensive overall)
- Fixed an issue where bruiseweed potions didn*t appear in alchemy stations that had been upgraded
- Fixed an issue where the alchemy station didn*t properly calculate your night essence if you had NOT upgraded
- Fixed some item description typos
- Significantly reduced the point value of MP, meaning MP bonuses from gear are more drastic
- The voyage back from Witchdale now requires Mercy talk to her new recruits before the time-lapse
- Added all the new recruits to the cove
- Rebalanced a number of skills, changing some damage formulae and some MP costs
- Revised all gold-find locations to scale better with luck at low levels
- Fixed a tile issue in the cove (disappearing carrots)
- Added new collapse effect to elemental bosses
- Modified some item plunder rates

IndoorMinotaur 03-24-2018 04:38 PM

Hi everyone! It's another big week for us as we put together 3 separate releases: a new weekly build, a new alpha build, and a new public build. Additionally, for the first time ever, our newest public also includes a Mac versions, so we hope more people have access to the game than ever.

As always, you can grab our latest build for yourself at

Countless tweaks and fixes have been made from the previous public build, and an entire chapter's worth of new content has been added, in addition to huge overhauls and upgrades to the base-building mechanics. If you're curious about the specifics, you can check the entire history of our changelog here.

IndoorMinotaur 04-02-2018 06:14 PM

Hi folks, got another juicy weekly build wrapped up for you last night, bringing us to version 27. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's been 27 releases already, but here we are.

The newest chapter, Esterholt, is going to be new territory for me (but not for Audrey), branching slightly into the realms of horror. That said, I'm excited to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. After all, that's sort of a major theme here in Daughter of Essence...

All our downloads (including the free, public build) and information are here:

You can see the patch notes here:

Version 0.27 - 3/30/2018
  • Added Esterholt coat portraits
  • Added new NSFW scene (M/F, S&M, written)
  • Added a short cutscene on arrival to Esterholt
  • Populated Esterholt with new NPCs
  • Continued developing Esterholt map
  • Added Western Esterholt area
  • Added Eastern Esterholt area
  • Added Esterholt Manor 1st Floor
  • Added Esterholt Manor Basement
  • Added Esterholt Manor 2nd Floor (WIP)
  • Added buried treasure to Esterholt
  • Added lots of hidden items to Esterholt
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in Esterholt
  • Added several new weapons to the Esterholt weaponsmith
  • Revised Mercy's cold weather sprite
  • Revised Mercy's cold weather battler
  • Revised Mercy's normal battler
  • Fixed an issue where Dietrich would show up after confronting Van Ritter in Witchdale even if you never recruited him from Carvannah
  • Fixed a portrait issue with the Witchdale pirate crew
  • Revised Orus's portrait

IndoorMinotaur 04-08-2018 07:26 PM

Hi everyone, we got a brand new build fresh available, fresh out of the oven.

The latest weekly build starts to build in the mystery of Esterholt, the lore, and progresses the narrative. It also rewrites a few scenes, so those of you with saves already in Esterholt may scratch your head at a few lines you don't have context for.

Most of the heavy lifting is done for making the system of finding clues, so next week will move a lot faster in terms of how much playable content is there.

I am definitely starting to get a feel for Esterholt, and even though I said this about Witchdale as well when I'd first created it, I think this is my favorite location in the game to date.

Remember, anyone can try the public build at and if you want to see our update log go to

Version 0.28 - 4/6/2018
  • Added new narration when leaving the cove to Esterholt for the first time
  • Added new dialogue to a crewmember & Elijah in Esterholt
  • Revised Esterholt manor 2nd floor
  • Added Doctor's Cabin & Doctor
  • Started adding clues about the strange case of Esterholt around the town & manor for Mercy to investigate
  • Added Hallie to Esterholt & the manor (if her path was chosen)
  • Added Lily the housecarl to the Esterholt Manor
  • Added to the initial Esterholt cutscene to allude to their wolf aversion
  • Rewrote portions of the reunion in the manor
  • Added Lord Balgruuf's keyhole
  • Added occasional spooky moments to the house
  • Orus now has to stay in the manor while in Esterholt

IndoorMinotaur 04-13-2018 07:48 PM

Hi folks, we've just released a weekly patch and there'll probably be even more coming in the next few days.

New players can try our public build at

Here's this week's patch notes!

Version 0.29 - 4/13/2018
  • Added new scene art for Meghan & Elijah!
  • Added the Staðfesta Hunter's Hall to Esterholt
  • Added large wilderness region north of Esterholt
  • Added tent interior to Esterholt
  • Added the beginning of the storm portion of Esterholt
  • Added 2 new written NSFW scenes! Solo F, object insertion and M/F, Submission, age difference, mild S&M
  • Correctly added Mercy's winter coat battler sprite
  • Fixed a tile passability issue
  • Replaced mushroom in Orus's initial inventory with 2 monster flanks

IndoorMinotaur 04-21-2018 03:16 PM

Newest Build: v0.30! Whoa!

Hello, and welcome to our THIRTIETH release of Daughter of Essence!

Hope you guys and gals dig it. Already got the rest of the chapter planned out, and I'm excited about getting to it and seeing what you think.

Remember, you can try out our public build at

Here are the notes:

Version 0.30 - 4/20/2018 (Blaze it Edition)
  • Advanced the Esterholt plot!
  • Overhauled the Esterholt map for the storm
  • Added ice cavern to the hunting grounds
  • Added challenging new optional boss
  • Added more upstairs bedrooms to the Balgruuf Manor
  • Added new written NSFW scene (M/M)
  • Joseph at the fish shack now trades some (Orus) gear for perfect shells
  • Made some mapping revisions to the hunting grounds area
  • The Esterholt blacksmith now sells shovels (whoops)
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed an issue where the doctor*s dialog didn*t correctly register as a clue

Check out our twitter giveaway!

To celebrate our 30th(!!!) release of Daughter of Essence, we're doing a Twitter #giveaway.

If the tweet linked below reaches at least 20 retweets, we'll enter everyone in a drawing and give away a special copy of version 0.30!

IndoorMinotaur 04-28-2018 04:30 PM

Hi folks, we got our latest weekly build up in the wee hours of this morning!

This week sees a continuation of Mercy's detective-work in Esterholt, and she's finally starting to peel back the layers to reveal the ugly truth of the place. There's also a bit of a reveal about the story behind her eyepatch (finally), so I've been excited about that.

One thing I was starting to feel conscious of in Esterholt was the ratio of talking and investigating to combat/gameplay, so I've started taking steps to pace it out a little better. You'll see more of that in the coming weeks.

I'm expecting next week we'll sort of grapple with the end of the chapter, trying to pin it down. We may not be completely done with Esterholt, but I think we'll see the sort of climax & denouement of this particular arc. A little tidying up after that, and we'll be ready for another public release in no time.

You can try the public build right now at

Thanks for checking us out, and here are the latest patch notes:

Version 0.31.1 - 4/28/2018
  • Added “seekers”--finite random encounters--to Esterholt
  • Advanced Esterholt plot even more (getting close to the end!)
  • Finally learn more about Mercy*s eye (!!!)
  • Adds eyepatch-less sprites to the game
  • Touched up and added to the shapeshifter scene art
  • Added new written NSFW scene (F/F/M, Toys)
  • Added Old Esterholt area
  • Added Lord Balgruuf*s quarters
  • Made minor revisions to the Heimrich/Marianna scene
  • Revised some of the dialogue added in 0.30
  • Fixed an accidental text cut-off at the end of the M/M scene from 0.30

IndoorMinotaur 05-05-2018 07:12 PM

Hi everyone, we've wrapped up the latest builds for the week, and in doing so, we've wrapped up the story in our current chapter! There are a few odds and ends we'll touch up next week, maybe see what we can add in, and then it's off to the next chapter!

I don't have a lot of concrete plans for the next chapter (I tend to work off a loose storyboard of the whole plot and plan small chunks of the future at a time), but what I can tell you is that it's going to be a lot different from Esterholt.

I had fun working on Esterholt, but I'm also glad to move on from what has definitely been the darkest portion of the game so far. If you're interested in checking us out or downloading the game, you can do both here.

As always, thank you for playing, thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy.


Version 0.32 - 5/4/2018
  • Concluded the story for the 4th Chapter: Esterholt!
  • Added a lot of new conditional checks for dialogue based on different paths
  • Added new art to the Heimrich/Marianna scene
  • Tweaked a few combat animations
  • Fixed a couple of portrait errors
  • Fixed the battle background in the upstairs manor
  • Fixed some typos

IndoorMinotaur 05-14-2018 02:13 PM

Hi there, just wanted to make a brief announcement about the latest weekly build. I keep saying that Esterholt's "finally finished," but in version 0.33, the fourth chapter of the game officially concludes, and the fifth chapter begins!

This is the content that will be going live in our next public build, once it's polished and ready. That means this coming Friday, both weekly and alpha patrons will be getting access to version 0.34. As always, our public build is available to download at

To see what's changed this week, you can check the patch notes below. As always, thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy!

Version 0.33 - 5/11/2018
  • Added the departure from Esterholt
  • Updated cove dialogue to reflect time passage
  • Added new NSFW scene (Foursome/Futa)
  • Added new additions to the cove
  • Touched up early-game lighting (the Albath manor, in particular)
  • Revised some of the dialogue from Mercy*s first interaction with Aunt Agatha
  • Updated the scene library to include all current scenes
  • Fixed a few continuity issues with NPCs still being in the cove when they shouldn*t be
  • Revised some dialogue with Bell*s crew in Shiveworth
  • Added more treasure to the Esterholt Hunting grounds
  • Fixed some dialogue in the cove not correctly triggering

IndoorMinotaur 05-19-2018 12:59 PM

Hello! It's a special release tonight, because we spent a lot of time polishing, fixing and tweaking to make sure the latest weekly build was also ready to be sent out to our alpha patrons.

Version 0.34 is not a flashy build in some respects, but it gets a whole lot done AND adds 2 awesome new toys to the game, as well as their respective scenes.

Another feature we're excited to announce is a planned reward for the First Mate tier of patrons. We've added a bathhouse to the cove with guest suites above it. From this point going forward, if anyone ever becomes a First Mate, they'll get a permanent, lore-friendly character with their own suite in the cove.

Next week, version 0.33.1 will be going public to the world! Anyone can download the public version here:

To see the rest of the pile of fixes and tweaks, have a little scroll through the patch notes.

Thanks, everyone!

Version 0.34 - 5/18/2018
  • Added night essence station upgrades
  • Added 2 new NSFW scenes! (Solo F, toys)
  • Added new narrative progression events to the cove
  • Added and updated the last few characters in the cove to reflect post-Esterholt dialogue
  • Added Cove bathhouse
  • Bathhouse suites will be available to patrons of a certain tier in the future!
  • Added Cove residential apartment building
  • The residential expansions become a mandatory upgrade after Esterholt
  • If you have already excavated the residential area, you can choose a different upgrade
  • The cost is higher than upgrading it naturally through the choices
  • The “excavation chest” is not present when upgrading through the narrative
  • The following conditions will save costs: recruiting Hobart, buying lumber in Esterholt, having Ralph*s Carvannah shipment
  • Tweaked some cove upgrade costs
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the forge before Carvannah would mark Gertrude as “busy” during the Witchdale visit
  • Fixed another bug where some dialogue in the cove was not correctly triggering
  • Modified the effects of “Jolted” from 10% evasion to 10% critical hit chance
  • Fixed an issue where the ship sprite may look like a rowboat after Esterholt if the save file was started on a much earlier patch
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy wore her winter clothes back to the cove
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy*s portrait didn*t appear properly in the hunting grounds
  • Fixed an issue where Aunt Agatha cruised around during your chat in the cove
  • Fixed an issue where moon bats reappeared after Wulfhilde arrives in the cove
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in Carvannah
  • Fixed an issue where you would receive another szarva horn in Witchdale if you fished the one up in Shiveworth
  • Fixed a bug where Olma could still be spoken to at her cell door even after she was gone
  • Fixed a couple of text run-offs
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed the Esterholt manor*s exterior not having a proper battle background
  • Fixed an issue where talking to Elijah from the side on the Esterholt docks could soft lock

IndoorMinotaur 05-25-2018 12:52 PM

Hi folks, we're very pleased to announce the public release of our latest chapter: Esterholt. The public build is jumping from 0.24.3 to 0.33.1.

In addition to new chapter, there have been many tweaks, bug-fixes, improvements and additions to the game as a whole. More than we can realistically list in this post, but if you would like to see the full changelog, you can scroll through it here.

Thank you all for playing, and we hope you enjoy!

IndoorMinotaur 06-04-2018 06:59 PM

Hi everyone, it's time for a new weekly build! I fixed a lot of bugs and spent way too much time making the world's most complicated cooking side-quest and expanded Mar'Liore.

Also, there's a scene with contortionist twins, which I feel like speaks for itself.

Hope you check us out on Patreon!

Version 0.36 - 6/1/2018
  • Added a new NSFW scene (F/F/M, Twins, Contortionists)
  • Added more NPCs to Mar*Liore
  • Added a coat fishing sprite for Esterholt
  • Added a cooking quest to Mar*Liore
  • Added Mar*Liore barn
  • Added Eastern Mar*Liore
  • Added contortionists* tent
  • Added soldiers* tent
  • Fixed an issue where talking to a chair in the Witchdale barracks would take you down a level
  • Added “Hearty Meal” state to all 4-ingredient recipes, temporarily increasing max HP by 15%
  • Made Hufferpuffer Pie a 4-ingredient recipe
  • Fixed a couple of dialogue boxes in Mar*Liore
  • Updated some dialogue in Witchdale to reflect post-Van Ritter time passage
  • Minron*s book is no longer obtainable after the Witchdale chapter
  • Removed Minron from Witchdale after your initial departure
  • Dietrich now correctly leaves when Mercy asks him to
  • The “mysterious flask” item is now correctly removed from Mercy*s inventory when she gives it to the peacekeeper
  • Removed Olma from Witchdale after your initial departure (if she stowed away)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn*t push the snowball into the hole in the Esterholt hunting grounds
  • Replacing the idol now properly removes it from your inventory

IndoorMinotaur 06-09-2018 05:14 PM

Hi everyone,

As promised, the latest weekly build is live and features the fully implemented quest journal system.

This has been a feature requested since the very beginning, and I'd always meant to get around to it, but I'd always prioritized other work since it wasn't very exciting to look at (or work on).

But, enough was enough, and I spent most of the week grinding to get it out the way. I'm happy to announce that it's finished, and I can now move on to more exciting things!

New to the game? Try it out by downloading it at

Version 0.37 - 6/8/2018
  • Implemented a full quest journal system
  • Added Mar'Liore Mill (WIP)
  • Added Mar'Liore Pub (WIP)
  • Fixed an issue where Vincent will give Mercy a 2nd fishing rod if she has upgraded hers already
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy didn't recover when first boarding Bell's ship
  • Made some waterfall tile edits
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene doesn't play upon first entering Mar*Liore
  • Fixed an issue where you could sell stuff to fires
  • Fixed an issue where Luca thought she was still in Witchdale
  • Fixed an issue where Stephen says “cheers” before giving you a drink
  • Fixed an issue where Mar'Liore overlays persisted on the world map

IndoorMinotaur 06-16-2018 07:22 PM

Hi everyone,

Version 0.38 is now live and available as both a weekly and alpha build for patrons.

I'll be away next Friday and won't be able to send any builds. I wanted to make sure this week's had plenty of interesting content.

I hope everyone enjoys it, and that it can tide you over until I get back on the 25th.

New to the game? Try out public build at



Version 0.38 - 6/15/2018
  • Added Mar'Liore Meadow
  • Added Mar'Liore Lakeside
  • Added Mar'Liore Lake
  • Added Mar'Liore Lake Cavern
  • Added new optional boss fight & story content
  • Added optional meadow quest
  • Added new NSFW scene (F/F, Szarva)
  • Added a handful of items to Mar'Liore and surrounding areas
  • Added new, respawning enemies to the meadow/lake areas
  • The braziers in the monument space are now correctly illuminated
  • Aunt Agatha will be asleep in her room after Mercy awakens from the monument dream

IndoorMinotaur 06-30-2018 06:20 PM

We're back! Thanks everyone for your patience while I was on the road for nearly a week. It was stressful and exhausting, but we're home now and back on the grind.

I spent way too much time this week making the wildlife in Mar'Liore different depending on the time of day. We've reached the beginning of the nighttime portion, so next week is going to focus on wrapping up all the celebrations and festivities.

The events in Mar'Liore ESCALATE quickly.

Remember, anyone can try the public build at

Hope you enjoy,


Version 0.39 - 6/29/2018

  • Added Mar'Liore Overlook
  • Added many new NPCs to Mar*Liore
  • Added the Mar'Liore evening phase
  • Added a new optional 1-on-1 fight
  • Added lights & fireflies to nighttime Mar*Liore
  • Updated the quest journal to reflect new content
  • Progressed the narrative
  • Fixed a number of tile passability issues in eastern Mar*Liore
  • Fixed some tile overlay issues
  • Fixed some typos and text run-offs

IndoorMinotaur 07-09-2018 12:32 PM

The Big 4-0

Hey everyone. We did it! We somehow managed to survive until the 40th weekly release of DoE.

Some days I'm not sure where the time has gone! Other nights... like tonight... it has felt like the passing of ten-thousand years.

But the march continues ever forward, and I'm here to present the notes for our latest and greatest.*

As always, thanks for playing, and we hope you have fun.

New to the game? The public build is here:


Version 0.40 - 7/6/2018
  • Added level 16 skills to each of Orus's classes (Note: if Orus is already level 16 or higher in your playthrough (somehow), sleeping at the Mar'Liore inn will teach Orus these skills.
  • *Added new toy to Wulfhilde's tier 3 night essence station
  • *Added Mar'Liore Cove
  • *Added new NSFW scene! (Solo F, Toys, Weird)
  • *Added a lot of conditional dialogue to Mar'Liore regarding the szarva quest
  • *Started branching the different plot options (three different paths in Mar*Liore): Belka Diversion, Plant Southgate Crest, Plant Oldlight Letter Opener
  • *Added the results of the Mar'Liore cooking quest
  • *Added Captain Lars' Ornamental Letter Opener to the crime scene
  • *Added a feature where on-map encounters are repulsed by the new “Night Aura” status
  • *Added a lot of barely-perceptible contextual changes to Mar*Liore based on branching paths, time of day and order of events
  • *Fixed a bug where leaving Esterholt reverts Mercy to an older iteration of her battler sprite
  • *Fixed a few skills that could be used from the menu to no effect

IndoorMinotaur 07-15-2018 12:48 PM

New Weekly Build: v0.41!

Hello! Got a fun little build uploading this week with some cool new cutscenes and some awesome scene art. There's also a new alpha build ready to send out to our alpha patrons.

A TON of time was dumped into a couple of very short scenes, but that's game dev life, haha. I'm starting to really love the characters of Leite and Gorps, and I hope you do as well.

New to the game? You can try the free public build here:

Without further ado:

Version 0.41 - 7/13/2018

  • Added new NSFW scene art (Belka & Mercy)!
  • Added Mar*Liore fireworks cutscene
  • Added rowboat cutscene
  • Added Mar*Liore Docks
  • Added “Well-Rested” state to inn to encourage use over ship*s bed
  • Progressed the main story
  • Dropped AGI rubber-banding cap from 3 to 2.5
  • Updated quest journal
  • Fixed a glitch where the Hallie cutscene could be repeated in Carvannah
  • Fixed an issue where the Carvannah doctor could trap you in the corner
  • Added a ton more conditional quest checks to different events around Mar*Liore
  • Fixed some of the overlay lighting being improperly sized

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