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back2you 01-17-2020 04:18 AM

Random Links

MMDisaster 01-27-2020 07:42 PM

Here's some links to wikis for various franchises that I've used to help crack model passwords. Many of them are in Japanese but that's why ctrl+F exists.

Kantai Collection ~ KanColle (English)

Kantai Collection ~ KanColle (Japanese)

Fate/Grand Order (English)

The [email protected] (English)

Touken Ranbu (English)

Touhou (English)

Kanpani Girls/Company Girls (English)

Kanpani Girls/Company Girls (Japanese)

Azur Lane (Japanese)

Alice Gear Aegis (Japanese)

Oshiro Project RE ~ Castle Defense (Japanese)

Megido 72 (Japanese)

Honkai Impact 3rd/Guns Girl (Japanese)

Flower Knight Girl (English)

back2you 02-03-2020 07:40 PM



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