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Yorna E1 (Short for extra pack number 1) is up for download! You can get the new version here.

H content

This time players will be able to get 2 new domination H events. The first scene features pandarians from the first island, while the second one focuses on werewolf girls on Ikko island. Both new scenes are located towards the end of the gallery.

To get domination H events, you need to defeat enemies with lust magic like “Seduce” and “Lust Bolt” only. Any other offensive means will give you a regular victory. Please note, not all enemies have domination scenes – you can check this in the gallery.

New features and activities

Players can get a new mini-cutscene after visiting the mountain region on the second island. Visit your castle and uncover strange news – Mio has a fan club! I*m pretty sure Ayane won*t miss her chance to play another trick on them.

Small fixes and improvements

Added missing chest (the green one) with a treasure map in the Far Oasis zone, namely the cave with pipes. Now you can properly dig up all the treasure in the game.

Fixed an issue with domination H scenes. The ambient sound now properly stops before the H event and resumes after it.

Decreased the delay before the enemy vanishes from the active map after you beat them with a domi scene.

Adjusted some map geometry for better navigation.

As always, if you don*t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like Yorna – tell your friends ^^
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