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Heya! Since most players wanted weekly reports back, I'm back with the first one.

Let's start with Yorna. I'm finishing Chimera's domi scene - you can check the preview here. I have all the art on my hands, so it's all about polishing the narrative at the moment. Will be done during this week.

Made a convenience change in the forest spirit H scene logic. Previously, the normal scene variation with it required Ada to have lewd level 4 or less. This meant that you couldn't lower it enough with herbal tea if you missed the H event at the start of the game and decided to unlock the whole gallery later. Now, the normal H scene option needs lewd level 5 or less - just right so you could use the herbal tea.

Fixed a small bug with herbal tea and dress changes. Previously. if you drank the tea or lust drafts and tried to change Ada's dress in the same inventory session, the on-map sprite didn't change. Now, it correctly shows the active dress.

And a bit of sad news for players who wait for Yorna's return to Steam. The usual Steam Direct checks take a ridiculously big amount of time for the return. There are two of them. One for the store page's description and decor. And the other one is for basic game build testing.

So, the shop check found nothing wrong with the page, but the support team can't mark it as passed unless the build check gives Yorna the green light. This wasn't the case the first time the game got into Steam. Can't say if this is the new rule set or they make a special case of Yorna.

The build check failed 2 times in a row on a perfectly playable E3 build. The first time they wanted to test all the listed features and asked for the full save. The second time the testers mentioned Yorna failed some kind of automated tests without even providing any info about these or what they want from me. Thanks, Steam. Thus, the release window shifts to January because of Valve - "the game must be at coming soon status at least 2 weeks prior to the release." And you don't get this status until both checks give you the green light...

Switching over to MonGirl Expedition. I'm finishing the last things I want to be in the release. Currently, I'm working on adding events for catgirl Naka and the first H scene for the oni Mona. The first one awaits the illustration art while the second one is waiting for the experimental H scene art.

Talking about the art assets, I'm about the finalize the wrestling mini-game. The logic is almost done, I just need to tune the balance and add simple graphics to the game to illustrate the action. It's a rather simple mini-game where you need to press the correct direction arrows to overpower your opponents. My biggest concern about it is the mobile devices, these may need some adjustments.

Another game is ready, and I just have to tune the rewards. This one will allow players to guide a fairy in a search for valuables. Balancing the risk versus rewards, you will make treasure hunts with fairies' help.

Logic-wise, I'm filing with the last feature for the game - girl diary. This book will allow you to check all the different girls that you met in the game and see your relationships with them. Hopefully, this will help players to see their progress and anticipate the new options with girls once they unlock new levels of affection.

That*s about it. So far, so good. The estimated release date for the new project stays the same – January 2021. If all will go well, the new game will come out pretty soon.
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