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Heya! The first 2021 weekly report is here, so let*s see what changed during this week.

Yorna*s E4 update is almost ready for the release. Both H scenes are done and ready. The only thing left to do is to add another mini scene with girls. Hmm, I*m not sure whom to use this time…

No news from the Steam front. The game is still in the Valve checking phase and, with the holidays, I didn*t expect anything. Still, it will soon be 4th week ticking from the moment I submitted the game for their review.

Switching to MonGirl (s)Expedition, I made decent progress before the family trip and the other holidays' stuff. The last minigame with a fairy is ready for release. It*s a scavenger hunt where players will manage the fairy*s stamina to explore the different zones and get loot based on their decisions.

So, with the main logic of the game done, I will be focused on playtesting the game and finalizing the interface. Some players mentioned that some elements of the game were confusing. While I don*t have a formal education as an interface designer, I*ll do my best so MonGirl (s)Expedition will not have the same problems. Plus, there are always nifty extras like extra content if I*ll have the time.

Also, I made a poll about the tutorials for the new game. If the players will be interested in these, I*ll make short tutorials in the game itself. If you had troubles with mechanics in Yorna – be sure to hit the poll. I don't think this will affect the release date.

As for the release date, Yorna should roll out, as usual, January 14th. Then, I*ll update the Steam version and make sure everything is alright. After this, I*ll launch the new game around January 16th-18th if all goes well.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!
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