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Hello! Don*t forget to check out the Magus release wave for Yorna and MonGirl Sexpedition!

The work is progressing fine despite the slight shift to Elly*s and Belle*s art packs. Both involved artists assure me that they will finish the work before the release date around 14-16th February. Since I want to get inside the usual release dates, I*ll make our best along with artists. If something changes, I*ll make a separate info post.

All new maps are ready and I*m working on Jack*s “home” cave. v0.1.5 will bring the first improvements you can make for your home. I*m working on a system that will allow buying elements separately from each other in the future since I plan to make quite a few of them. Also, I have an idea to allow players to buy paintings with their favorite girls and hang these at home. Just an idea though, not sure if I will be able to make this in v0.1.5 or the next release.

Finished Mona*s new H scene and the extra fun you can have with her boobies once you*ll reach the second milestone in relationships with her and finish her mini-quest. These are repeatable right in the game, just like Mariam*s confession H scene. And no, Lady Dimitrescu and the new Resident Evil trailer didn*t affect this :> Now working on Elly and Belle*s teasing scenes.

Fixed night forest ambiance incorrectly playing in some indoor areas around evening and night.

Renamed slot 30 in the save menu into AutoSave to avoid possible confusion. No changes to actual working logic.

Added autosave function to the first transition into the deeper forest area in Niko forest.

Added several potions to Mona*s shop as a way to increase Jack*s stats for a day. These are available once you*ll accompany her to the forest for some herb gathering. Such potions can be handy for stat checks in some actions and even minigames like the wrestling.

Disabled and removed several testing skills from the early builds of the game. No real impact on the gameplay, just some interface clearing.

Thanks to Bauch1234 fixed the bug that allowed players to get inside the deeper part of the forest at night. Using this bug caused the game to freeze over time since the logic wasn*t expecting such behavior. Also, I added soft padding to avoid such freezes in the future.

That*s it, stay tuned for the upcoming previews and updates! I also plan to make separate threads for MonGirl Sexpedition on community forums once the game will hit the public release date.
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