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Hello! MonGirl Sexpedition v0.25 Master release wave is up for grabs! Don*t forget to check it out if you haven*t already.

Artists started with their tasks. I plan to make 2 H scenes for v0.27, one for Rean and the other one for Mariam. Depending on the artists* workload, Rena*s H scene could potentially shift because the artist working on her is moving to a different flat at the moment.

Speaking about H scenes, I*m working on Mariam*s next H scene. It*s about 50% done and I plan to finish it before the next week and set it aside until the art pack arrives. It will be another mouth-focused H event with a new, custom voice pack after Jack helps her to settle into his cave.

Players chose a new skin for Elly and it looks like you want to see a lewder version of her! Her new look is also in the work. Stay tuned for the preview the next week, give or take.

Changed colors for HP, MP, and stamina bars in the upper right corner. Now, HP has a red tint, MP is blue, and stamina is green. Hopefully, this change will help players to get Jack*s status at a glance.

As planned, I made an upgrade for Maggie*s flask. It*s a new type of trophy that increases the maximum charges held in the flask. Of course, these will automatically refill during day change. This should help players to explore more without potion buying/farming.

Low stamina will kick in around 0 for running instead of using the same logic as swinging the weapon (around 20). This should help with last second dodges after attacking a dangerous enemy.

Fixed a cancel sound triggering if the player has low MP while entering a new zone or loading up a saved game with a low MP count. The sound now properly fires if the player tries to use a skill with insufficient MP.

As always, if you don*t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like MonGirl Sexpedition – tell your friends ^^
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