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I*ve uploaded a new game version for all systems. The update contains:
  • A fullscreen option in the menu (it*s also possible to just press F4)
  • New UI layout as seen in the Screenshot below. Please let me know what you think about it! =)
  • A short scene with my artist Scarlett. Please note that it*s meant as a joke and she*s not really that horrible of a person.
  • New map items show pictures of certain parts of the world map with the names of all areas. This should make it easier to find every accessible map and locate areas you need for a quest. This change also includes new names for most major area shown by signs at the entrance of each area.
  • Merchant at abandoned village in Amagal selling red slimegirl essence
  • Some enemies are stronger now.
  • New CG scene with Elly.
  • New events with Sandra in a new dungeon. This treasure hunt with her involves some riddles. Please let me know if you felt them too hard or easy and if you managed to solve everything.
I*ll be away from home and limited to my laptop for a while soon so if you find any bugs or problems please let me know quickly. It*ll be easier and faster to fix it while I still have my PC. Thanks!

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