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New Release: version 0.165!

Hey folks, sending out a new release to the world, even if it's not a huge one.

This week has largely been a flurry of activity, not least of which the Steam Store ( (now live), the website ( (now also live) and the Patreon page (which was locked for having "implied nudity" on public posts but is now restored after a number of edits were made).

I think there are something like 76 attainable members of the cove now (though not all attainable in the same playthrough), which is ludicrous when I think of how much work goes into adding just 1 person to that whole complex operation.

The latest member, Tom, is cool, but there's still more I want to write up on this particular character, so expect to see more of him next week. Anyway, did I mention the release date is set?!

March 12th. Keep your eye on the prize. Also be sure to add our game to the wishlist on Steam. Until then, enjoy this new build!

Take care,

Become a patron or try the public build at

Version 1.01/0.165 - 2-12-2021
  • Added TOM, THE STRONGEST MAN ALIVE to the cove & siege planning room
  • Added a new scene to the final moments of the game
  • Added new image-scrolling functionality for some new high res scene art pieces added that are larger than the game window
  • Fixed a rough transition from Leite's tent
  • Fixed a rock overlay on the Neresalem outro cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the “reject cycle” outro could transfer to the wrong version of the docks
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